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Sweet Taste Treatment


EARTH ENERGY, STOMACH, SPLEEN, LIPS, WORRY When the sweet taste touches the tongue, the taste buds in the tongue convert it into the pranic energy called earth energy and send it throughout the body. The body parts which function using earth energy are stomach, spleen and the lips. The emotion …

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BP can be cured just by eating salt


It is said that those having BP should not add salt in their food. Many people keep eating salt-less food for a long time, without adding even an iota of salt in their food. I will pose one question to them: You are eating salt-less food for so many years. …

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Salt Taste Treatment


Salt Taste, Water Energy, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Ear, Fear When the salt taste touches our tongue, the taste buds in our tongue convert the salt taste into water energy and send it throughout the body. The organs in our body that function based on water energy are the kidneys, the …

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Sour Taste Treatment


Sour Taste Treatment¬† Sour Taste, Space Energy, Liver, Gall Bladder, Eyes, Anger When the sour taste is felt in our tongue, the taste buds in our tongue convert the sour taste into a pranic energy called space energy and send it throughout the body. Liver, eyes and the gall bladder …

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Taste Treatment


Sometimes we feel very tired. If we do not eat food for several hours, our body will be very dull. When we are in a position where we cannot even walk, we may eat some food. Do we get energy in our body immediately after eating the food or few …

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How to purify Blood ?

Pure Blood

We have seen that the way to purify the blood is to keep all the items in the blood as good items and in required quantity. What are the ingredients in the blood? There are a large number of ingredients in the blood. These can be segregated into five categories. …

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