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Filtered water

We have the appliance called water filter in our houses for the purpose of purifying the water. If we take out the filter from the water filter after three months of use, we will observe that it contains a lot of yellow or green colored dust particles. If we tap …

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Causes for Dental Cavity and prevention methods

tooth decay black

Ever wonder why some people seldom brush their teeth and have few, if any, cavities, whereas others brush and floss religiously and still have constant dental problems? Or why isolated peoples who eat traditional, whole food diets, may have never used a toothbrush, and yet have perfect, straight teeth with …

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Mouth Ulcers – Reason and Remedies

Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers can be quite painful and depending on their specific location in the oral cavity, often interfere with your ability to eat and speak. Sometimes, such an ulcer indicates a deficiency of certain vital nutrients.  Soreness of the mouth that causes too much pain is called as a mouth ulcer. …

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Boiled water 2

All the doctors in the world and all the media including television and newspapers constantly campaign that we should boil the water and then only drink it. All those who boil the water and drink are likely to get many diseases. We should not boil the water and drink. Why …

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Cracks on Heels – Causes and Remedies

cracked heels

Some of the causes of cracked heels are dry air, lack of moisture, improper foot care, an unhealthy diet, aging, prolonged standing on hard floors and wearing the wrong types of shoes. Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, corns and calluses, diabetes and thyroid disease may also contribute to the problem.  Dry/cracked …

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Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally


If you’ve developed dark circles and are worried you’re going to be stuck with them forever, don’t be. Follow these remedial measures and you can get rid of your dark circles in 3-4 weeks time. 1. Almond Oil A completely natural ingredient that benefits skin around your eyes, almond oil helps …

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Cause of Leg Cramps and Remedies


In order to move, we voluntarily contract and relax our muscles simultaneously. When a muscle or fibers of a muscle contract uncontrollably it causes a spasm. At times this muscle spasm is sustained over a period of time and it becomes a muscle cramp. A muscle cramp can be seen …

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