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Acne, Dark Spots, Scars on face – remedies


First of all, let us admit that every human being goes through this phase in his or her life.  Every one gets pimples or acne and every one wonders what to do to get them removed.  Ofcourse prevention is better than cure but unfortunately, people don’t take care of themselves …

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Will egg whites help ageing skin too ?


Let’s face it – Wrinkles make you look more aged than what you are. These unsightly nuisances can make you self-conscious and depressed. Why not try a simple homemade solution for a natural face lift! Of course, it is possible with eggs – an ancient and time-tested remedy for reducing …

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Burning Sensation in Breasts

Woman examining breast, mid-section, close-up

Breast pain is a very common symptom for women of all ages, particularly women who are still who are still menstruating on a regular basis.  It’s because the breast is a very active organ and it’s sensitive to a lot of different changes in the body and also to the …

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Heat boils, reasons and it’s home remedies

heat boils

Heat Boils can be very painful and very irritating.  They are formed due to inflammation of hair follicles under your skin due to bacterial infection.  There are also heat boils which may occur on shoulders, face, under arms, near the temple, etc. Neem Leaves – Take a handful of neem leaves, …

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