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Anaemia, Haemoglobin Shortage


Depending on our age, height and weight, there is a desired quantity of blood in our body. If the quantity of the blood in our body is less than this level, then it is the third level of disease.

An item in the blood going bad is the first level of the disease. If we control this using wrong treatment, then it leads to the item in the blood reducing in quantity or being absent and we are pushed to the second level of disease. If we give a wrong treatment to the second level of disease also, then the third level disease namely, the quantity of blood reducing occurs.

What is the reason for the quantity of blood in our body reducing? First of all, let us see how blood gets generated in the body. Bone marrow takes some items from the blood and creates new blood. When some items in our blood are of poor quality and some other items are not at all available in the blood, since bone marrow does not get all the items needed for creating the blood, it stops the work of creating new blood. Due to this, the quantity of blood in the body reduces.

A worker in a factory will do his job properly only if all the materials needed for his job are supplied to him in proper quality, quantity and at required times. If he is supplied with bad quality materials or he is not supplied with sufficient materials, he will be simply sitting idle without doing his job.

Similarly, whatever items are needed by the bone marrow for ncreating new blood, only as long as these items are available in the blood in proper quality and in right quantity, new blood will continue to be generated. If some items go bad or some items are absent in the blood, then there will be shortage of materials and the worker called bone marrow will stop doing his work. If bone marrow stops its work, the quantity of blood in the body will reduce. This condition is called anaemia or haemoglobin deficiency.

The basic reason for the third stage disease namely quantity of blood reducing is the application of wrong treatment at the first stage of disease namely quality of items in the blood reducing and for the second stage of disease namely quantity of items in the blood reducing and items being absent in the blood.

When the quantity of blood reduces, all the parts of the body will not get sufficient blood and all of them will be affected. We are going to learn in our treatment the easy technique of how to maintain the quality of blood properly and at desired quantity. Through this technique, we can easily cure all the three levels of diseases.


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