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Natural Remedies for Mrs Uma Seshan

Name of the Member – Uma

Issue – (a) Claims she is a Diabetic with BP and wants to reduce her weight which is 72 Kgs now.  (b)  Knee Meniscus Tear

Following remedies are suggested 

Let us take an example of an iron gate.  Suppose you don’t keep this gate fit and fine do you think you can open the gate freely without any problem.  You can’t. After some years, it becomes rusted and you can’t open the gate at all. But if you apply grease to the gate every now and them and quite frequently do you think the gate will become rusted.  If you apply grease and open the gate, it will open very smoothly.

Our body is like this gate.  You must grease your body periodically to keep the body fit and fine.  How do you grease your body ? By taking oil bath frequently and by consuming oil inside regularly.  All oils which are sold outside are waste.  They are all adulterated and they are not at all good for health.  The best three oils which are good for all of us are the following :

  • Sesame Oil or Til Oil or Gingily Oil

South Indians can use Sesame Oil since they like it.  Coconut oil can be used by people from Kerala, because they like it.  Mustard oil can be used by people from North because they are used to it.

I suggest you purchase 20 Kgs of Sesame Seeds from online portal in Canada. Click this Link  Also purchase 1 Kg of Jaggery, mix it together and get the oil extracted from an oil mill.  I know it’s a task, but it is worth it.  Please take some trouble in finding out where you can get this done in Canada.

Use this Sesame oil for your cooking and bathing purpose.

  • Early in the morning when you wake up, before brushing your teeth, take 2 drops of Sesame Oil on the tongue and taste it.
  • After 5 minutes gap, drink 1 glass of Luke Warm Water first, give 5 minutes gap and 1 glass of Jeera Water as per the procedure for Weight Loss treatment.
  • After 5 minutes gap, brush your teeth.
  • After 5 minutes gap, put two spoons of Sesame Oil in your mouth and rinse your mouth.  This is called oil pulling. Do not drink the oil, but spit it out after holding it inside your mouth for about 3 minutes.
  • Thereafter do morning exercise for about 30-45 minutes.  Do Joint Exercise with Surya Namashkar Yoga or Walk for 30 minutes and come back. Joint Exercise has to be done as per the demo given in this video.

  • After 10 minutes gap, drink any juice such as Spinach, Bitter gourd, Coriander Leaves, Carrot, etc.  if you have been having it all along.  If you have not started this, better start having this juice before you drink your Tea or Coffee.
  • After 10 minutes gap, have 2 Badams, 2 Walnuts, 2 Raisins, 1 Dates.
  • After 30 minutes gap, have your coffee or tea.
  • After 10-15 minutes gap, take bath.
  • After 45 minutes, you can then have breakfast.
  • For breakfast, avoid cooked food.  Instead have raw vegetables and fruits.  Soak Green grams previous night, soak chickpeas (Kabuli chana) previous night, in the morning, cut tomatoes (peel of skin and remove seeds), cut cucumber, cut carrot, cut capsicum, mix them with green grams and chickpeas, add coriander leaves, cabbage, roasted pea nuts without mixing salt or pepper, having half plate full or one bowl.
  • After this, drink one or two glass of Ragi Kanji.  This will keep you stomach full till afternoon.  Maintain this diet as breakfast as long as you can.  I don’t think you will ever face any health issues once you start this habit.

Before I proceed further, I should create some awareness among people what wrong things they are doing at the moment without their knowledge.  They are assuming that whatever they are doing right now is correct and without their knowledge, they are creating health hazards for themselves.   Let us take an example.  How do people drink water ? See the following pictures :

DW 1 DW 2

Are you also drinking water in the same manner ? If yes, then you are going to have lot of health issues in the very near future.  Read the following links about water :




What is the right way of drinking ?

Whenever you drink water, you should never stand and drink.  That’s the first thing we should learn.  The next right thing to do is to sit on a chair or on a floor and drink water.  While drinking, you may feel so thirsty that you will feel like drink it or gulping it fast.  If you do this way, it goes directly into the throat and there could be damage created due to this direct gulping of water.  Instead, you should sip water as if you are drinking hot coffee.  Will you gulp hot coffee in one go ? Like that you should not gulp water in one go.  If you do, it is going to harm you. Instead sip water and drink as if you are drinking hot beverages such as coffee or tea or horlicks or any other beverage.  Hope you understood what I am trying to say.

Most important point to note is that you should never drink water before, during and after having breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You should give clear 30 minutes gap.  Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner and give clear 30 minutes gap and then drink water.  For your good digestion, this will do a lot good.  Incase you have water while you are eating food, it will get mixed up with the food and dilute it inside your stomach and spoils the digestion.

  • You can have anything you like for the lunch.
  • But you should eat food in proper manner.

How to eat food properly ?

When we eat, we should grind it well using our teeth and then swallow it. Whoever swallows their food as it is without breaking and grinding the food with their teeth, their stomach will ask them one question: “Do I have any teeth to grind the food? Or do I have any mixer blades or grinder?” There are no teeth or mixer blades or grinder in the stomach. Then how does the stomach digest the food we eat?

The stomach is like a vessel. Inside it, an acid called Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is secreted. This acid is what digests the food. This acid is so powerful that, if we take this acid from our stomach and pour it on an iron, the iron will melt. If we pour it on our palm, the palm will get a hole. This powerful acid which can melt even the iron is what is generated in our stomach whenever we feel hungry.

You may get a doubt. Will this acid that can melt even the iron not harm our stomach? There will be a layer of mucus between the stomach and this acid. This membrane prevents the acid from touching the stomach and saves the stomach from being damaged. If we do not eat for a long time after feeling hungry, the acid that has been secreted in the stomach, without having anything to eat, will start eating away this mucus layer.

Thus, for those people who do not eat when they are hungry and starve their stomach regularly, after some time, this acid will keep on eating the membrane and one fine day this strong acid will touch the stomach. Once it touches the stomach, the stomach will be damaged and it will get sore. Then there will be acute pain in the stomach. This is called Ulcer.

The doctors world-over say that we have to eat our food time to time without fail according to the time schedule, if we want to avoid getting ulcer. But, here is the truth. Whoever eats food according to time schedule by seeing the clock, all of them will get ulcer. If you eat whenever you feel hungry, ulcer will be cured. There is a lot of difference between eating timely food and eating food when we feel hungry.

If a person feels hungry he has to eat food immediately. Instead, if he wants to take food only by fixed time and waits for two hours, the acid can damage his stomach in these two hours. All the doctors in the world ask you to eat food according to time schedule. Please do not take food as per time. Eat only when you are hungry.

We should chew the food, grind it well using our teeth and then only swallow it. Generally, we do not give much work to our teeth at all. We just swallow the food in big morsels.

Let us assume that we take the food 40 times with our hand when we eat a plate of food. If we eat the food without properly chewing it during the first four times, the acid that is available in the stomach for digesting the 40 handfuls of food will be exhausted after digesting 4 handfuls of food. This is because the acid in the stomach has to do the job which is supposed to have been done by the teeth. So, only the first four mouthfuls of food become good blood. The next 36 mouthfuls of food become waste and go out as stool because there is no acid in the stomach to digest it. The only reason for pot belly and obesity is that we do not give much work to our teeth.

When there is acid in the stomach, the food we eat gets digested and it does not get converted into pot belly. The food we eat after the acid in the stomach gets exhausted does not get digested and it becomes pot belly. This is the reason for obesity also.

Therefore please give work to your teeth. The more we chew the food with our teeth, make it a paste and send it into our stomach, the less will be the work for the acid in the stomach. Then, the stomach will digest the food with the least amount of acid and keep the balance of the acid for the food coming in subsequently.

So, if all the foods that we eat are to be digested, then we have to bite and chew each and every mouthful of food, make it a paste and then only swallow it.

Many people go for walking exercise for reducing pot belly and obesity. Some people try to reduce their body weight using new technologies such as vibrator machine, tying it to the stomach or standing on it.

Why should we eat when we are not hungry and then run on a vibrator? If we eat only when we feel hungry, then there will be no pot belly and there will be no obesity. So, the easiest way to reduce obesity and pot belly is to give work to our teeth.

Measure your body weight today and note it down. Eat the food as we have suggested above. Within one month, your body weight will come down by several kilograms. You need not go for walking. There is no need to use any vibrator machine. If you are a person who eats five Rotis for every meal, now you can eat seven Rotis per meal and still reduce your weight.

So, it is a wrong notion to think that obesity comes due to eating more food. It is also wrong to think that body weight can be reduced by eating less food. By giving more work to our teeth, we can eat more and still reduce our body weight.

In our treatment, you can eat all the food you like to whatever extent you wish and still reduce your body weight just by giving lot of work to your teeth, chewing the food well, making it a paste and then eating it.

In our treatment, pot belly will reduce first and then body weight will reduce. Only then the disease will be cured. Therefore, please do not be afraid if you find that your weight falls when you use our treatment. To whatever extent your weight falls, it means that that much waste matter was there in your body. If your weight does not fall at all when you follow our treatment, you do not have any waste matter in your body.

When you start our treatment, initially your weight will fall slowly. Then after some particular day, the weight will remain constant for several months. Then you can understand that is the true, healthy weight for your body. Then, your weight will keep on increasing slowly. This increase is due to the creation of healthy bones and muscles to create a healthy body. When the weight increases in this way, it will not fall again.

Therefore, once you take a morsel of food in your hand and put it in your mouth, bite and chew it well for at least ten to fifteen times, make it into a paste, mix it with saliva and then swallow it. By doing this, you are helping your stomach. By chewing the food well you are reducing the work for your stomach and your stomach will be healthy and happy.

When we eat food, we should mix it with saliva and eat. Only the food that mixes with the saliva goes to the blood as good food. The food which does not mix with saliva goes to the blood as bad food. Our saliva contains a lot of enzymes. These enzymes help very much in separating the constituents from the food. Only the food that has been digested by the saliva in the mouth can be digested by the stomach. When the food that has not been digested by the saliva goes into the stomach, it becomes bad food and waste matter.

Many of us may say, “We do mix saliva with food when we eat.” However, this is not true. Whoever eats food with their lips open when they chew the food, for these people saliva will not mix with the food. When we chew the food, the lips should be closed. Only then the saliva will mix with the food. What is the difference between keeping the lips open and keeping them closed when we chew the food?

Imagine the food as a ball, and saliva as another ball. When we eat with the lips open, the air goes inside the mouth, stands between the saliva and the food and does not allow them to mix. Thus, it prevents proper digestion in the mouth. Air is the enemy to the digestion in the mouth. Therefore, from now on whenever you eat any food, please open your lips only for sending the food inside the mouth.

Once the food is inside the mouth, keep chewing the food without separating the lips till you swallow the food.

In countries such as USA, UK, Italy, etc. the prevalence of Diabetes is very less. This is because the people of these countries have the habit of chewing the food with their lips closed.

When you see foreigners who come to your town, you will observe that they chew their food keeping their lips closed. Because the people in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. eat keeping their lips open, the sugar disease is more prevalent in these countries. Please do not immediately conclude that the people of some countries are intelligent and the people of some other countries are foolish. People in some countries consume more medicines for mental illnesses. Many people in countries having the habit of eating with their lips closed are affected by mental illnesses and consume medicines for these diseases. Thus, in some countries body is not all right but mind is all right. In some other countries, mind is not all right but body is all right. So, the business is running fine for the drug manufacturing companies in all the countries.

Therefore, from now on, please chew every mouthful of food keeping your lips closed.

You may think that it will take more time to eat if you chew with your lips closed. In fact it takes less time. You can keep a piece of Roti in your mouth and chew 40 times keeping your lips open. The Roti will not become a paste and it will remain as Roti only. But, if you chew four times keeping your lips closed, the Roti will become totally mashed into a paste. Without any need to swallow it, it will just slide into your throat.

You can eat within a short duration of time by closing the lips instead of opening them while chewing. Moreover, because the enemy called air is not present saliva quickly separates all the constituents of the food and digests the food properly.

There may be a small complication when we eat like this. The jaw may slightly pain for about a week. This is because we start a new habit which we did not have for several decades. But, after a week, there will be no pain and we can be peaceful throughout our life.

Thus, the second most important principle in our treatment is that whatever may be the food that we may eat, after putting the food inside the mouth, till we swallow the food, we should not separate the lips.

When we eat, we should concentrate our attention on the food. While eating, if we keep thinking that we are eating and focus on eating, the food will be digested well. While eating if we keep our attention on family, business or any other such matter, the food will not be digested properly.

We may think, ‘We are giving work to our brain. Digestion is happening only in the stomach. How can it be affected?” Our brain is connected to all our body parts and glands, through a nerve called Vagus. Whatever we think about, this Vagus nerve will make the gland concerned with that thought to secrete.

For example, what do we do when we want to pass urine? Which button is to be pressed in our body for passing urine? There is no button for this. Once we think in our mind that we want to pass urine, the urine comes out. So, if our mind thinks, it can open the doors of the urinary bladder. Similarly when our mind thinks, it can close those doors.

The secret that we have to understand from this is that our mind, when it thinks, can operate our body parts. A disease first comes only in the mind. Then it is the mind which creates the disease in the body parts. Similarly, if our mind has the thought that we are healthy, only then the disease in the body parts will be cured.

For example, we may see a dream in our sleep. In the dream we may see a snake chasing us. We run fast in our dream. Suddenly, the dream ends and we sit up in our bed and see. Then our heart will be palpitating fast. Our body will be sweating a lot. We ran only in our dream. Then why did we sweat? Why does our heart palpitate fast?

This is because, in our dream when our mind thinks that we are running, our body initiates its strength to run. Then, the concerned glands are activated. What we understand from these two examples is that whatever our mind thinks about, the concerned glands in our body are activated.

Therefore, when we eat our food, only if our focus and attention are on the thought that we are eating, all the glands concerned to digestion will secrete well. Instead, if we think about family, business, children, etc. while eating food, the digestive glands do not secrete and we get diseases. Therefore, please concentrate your attention on the food while eating the food.

Some people approached a wise man and asked, “What is the reason for all the diseases in the world?” The wise man replied, “People do not eat when they eat.” They did not understand and asked the same question again. The wise man replied, “All the diseases will be cured if we eat while eating.” What is the meaning of this statement? What is eating while eating? When we eat we have to keep our attention on eating. Those who focus on eating while eating do not get any diseases.

Therefore, while eating if we give respect to the food, thank God and the nature for giving the food and say a small prayer and then eat, the diseases will be cured. Instead, if we give respect only to the doctor, the diseases will become bigger.

While eating, take the food in your hand and eat it with the thought that this food is going to go inside your stomach, get digested and converted into blood, become food for all the body parts and function as medicine for all diseases. Then we can have a healthy life.

The golden rule is, Eat food only when you feel hungry; While eating, think only about food.

What should you eat for the dinner ? 

As far as possible try to take light food in the night.  Food like Rice Porridge, Idli, Dosa, Vada kind of stuff.  Avoid heavy food in the night.

  • Before going to the bed have one banana and one glass of cow’s milk.
  • Then Brush your teeth before going to bed.  It is so important to brush your teeth in the night because, the body’s factory will work in the night when you are sleeping.  The whole day you have had something or the other from the mouth and some particles would have got stuck inbetween the teeth or gums or both.  When you brush your teeth at night, all that will go away and it will be easy for the body to work smoothly without any hurdles in your mouth area.
  • Suppose you have pain at the back, or hands, or shoulders, or legs, or thighs or whichever part of the body, just apply sesame oil on the pain area, leave it overnight and in the morning wash the area with lukewarm water.  Do this for 10 days and you can see a great relief.

Remedies for Knee Meniscus Tear

When you suspect to have a meniscus tear there are several things that you shouldn’t do during your recovery period.

The things that your shouldn’t do are activity’s that require extreme bending of the knee or puts a lot of pressure on your knee. This includes squats, lunges or rowing exercises. Also activities like soccer or running puts too much force on your damaged meniscus.

Things that you can and should do are swimming and cycling. However, it depends on the severity of the tear if this is possible for you. A general rule of thumb is that the activity itself may cause little pain, but this pain has to disappear within an hour after ending the activity.

Also you can perform strength training exercises for your upper leg muscles as long as it doesn’t require putting weight on your knee or bending your knee.

  • The first thing you can do to relieve your pain is to massage the back and the side of your knee. What happens when you feel pain in your knee due to the meniscus tear is that the muscles on the back of your knee tens up. This tension increases the pain you’re experiencing.
  • You will also feel pain on the side of the knee where the torn meniscus is located. By massaging this spot as well, you will reduce the pain already.
  • By massaging these muscles your pain will reduce and it will be easier for you to walk. This will help your recovery and makes it easier to perform the following exercises.
  • I would recommend to use this coconut / mustard / eucalyptus oil because it makes your knee feel warm which makes it also more mobile.

The second important thing you should do is to give your knee rest. Walking, bending your knee and walking stairs all puts a lot of pressure on your torn meniscus. This will prevent it from healing.   Also wear a Knee brace while you are at home.

The third important thing you should do is to put ice or a cold pack on your knee for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Try to do this every 1 to 2 hours for the next 3 days (when you are awake) or until the swelling goes down. Put a thin cloth between the ice and your skin.

Ginger reliefs arthritis, general joint stiffness, and pain from degenerative joint disease. Use as in a bath or as a hot compress.

If you feed your body with the proper fuel it needs, it can begin to heal it’s own wounds, leaving not only your knee, but your entire body feeling healthier.  If you eat foods that you body does not have trouble digesting, those stem cells can work to fix the inflamed and torn cartilage in your knee.  There are also certain foods that help your body reduce inflammation. Fruits and vegetables, especially those high in antioxidants and good Omega-3 fats like avocados work to reduce inflammation in the body.  Avoid peanuts till such time your knee heals.


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