Friday , April 26 2019

Sridhar Venkatraman

Progressive and open minded Business Professional with over 30+ years of experience in Automobile, IT, Education, Real Estate Industries. He has a passion to ensure "No child goes to bed hungry" and is involved in an NGO called "No Hungry Child". He is a Social Entrepreneur and added a new service "Art of Self Treatment" to help more and more people who are suffering from health issues. He learnt the art of Self Treatment from his guru Mr Healer Baskar.

Home Remedies to treat Shuttering in Kids


Home Remedies to Treat Stuttering in Kids Stuttering usually requires professional therapies to get treated. However, there are also certain remedies and therapies that can help you treat stuttering in kids at the initial stage. Almonds Soak 12-14 pieces of almonds in water overnight. Next morning, peel them and prepare …

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Home remedies to increase breast milk production

Breast Milk

Nursing mothers, especially first-time mothers, often worry about whether their supply of breast milk is adequate. Most mothers produce enough breast milk for their child. However, at times some mothers are unable to produce adequate quantities. Low breast milk supply can be due to certain illnesses, consumption of birth-control pills, certain hormonal changes in …

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Natural Remedies to Improve Memory


To increase the memory power, you can try the following remedies which will give you definite results  : Almonds Almonds are an excellent Ayurvedic remedy to help improve memory and brainpower. They are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that boost memory. Due to their rich antioxidant content, almonds are good …

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Natural Remedies for ligament tear in Knee


Knee pain is a very common medical condition that occurs due to constant wear and tear of the knee joint. It can be experienced by older adults, young adults and children. Women are more vulnerable to knee pain than men.  Knee pain can be localized or diffuse throughout the knee. …

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How to deal with Herpes Naturally


What is worrying about the herpes infection is that many of those who are infected with the virus remain blissfully unaware of it, mainly because the symptoms are fairly mild and go unnoticed. Moreover, the symptoms that are associated with different conditions caused by the herpes simplex virus are bound …

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Natural Remedies for Chikunguniya


The symptoms of chikungunya start to appear three to seven days after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. Symptoms may include a fever, joint pain, joint swelling, headaches, muscle pain, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.  However, there are some home remedies that are considered effective in managing chikungunya symptoms. …

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