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Our Body is the best Doctor


We are all children born to our mothers. All the people in the world are born to their mothers. How does a mother beget a child ? The mother eats the food through her mouth. The food goes into her body and gets transformed into a full child with all body such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Did the mother’s intelligence convert the food into a child ? Or was it the intelligence of the mother’s body? The answer naturally would be, “It is not the intelligence of the mother but the intelligence of the mother’s body”.

First of all, we need to see our intelligence as consisting of two parts. Our experiential intelligence is different from the innate intelligence of our body. The intelligence that we get by reading various books and through our experience is our experiential intelligence. The intelligence that is present in our body ever since we are born is the inbuilt intelligence of our body.

Can any mother claim that it was her intelligence that transformed the food into the child ? No. The food gets converted into the child only by her body’s intelligence. If a mother says that she produced the child through her intelligence, ask her one question “Can you draw all the parts of the body and name them ? ” She will not be able to do it, unless, of course, she is a Science Teacher. How can a mother, who does not even know all the body parts, produce a child by transforming the food into the child using her own intelligence?

What we understand from this is that the mother’s duty ends when she eats her food. It is the job of the mother’s body to convert the food into the child. The child born to a highly educated mother who has obtained a medical degree and also received four PhDs is similar to the child born to an illiterate mother.

What is clear from this is that the intelligence obtained by us through the books, internet, experience, etc. is different from the natural intelligence of our body. Our body has the same wisdom from our birth to death. It is our brain which acts intelligently sometimes and acts foolishly at some other times.

Just imagine what a wizard a body is that is capable of transforming the food eaten by the mother into a child with all parts such as eye, ear, nose, mouth, etc. !

Has anyone in the world ever invented a machine which can take food from one side and give out a baby from the other side? What a big prize such an inventor will get ! Have you ever seen such a machine? You will say, no. But I have seen such a machine ! All the mothers who have given birth to a child are such machines. Therefore, all mothers who have borne a child can congratulate themselves for possessing such a wonder power in their body.

Just think for a moment. What an extraordinary intelligence, knowledge and wisdom this body possesses as it can convert the food into a complete child with eyes, ears, nose, kidneys and all other parts !

Our body’s intelligence is much more than that of all the greatest scientists, doctors and wise people put together. Will such a body be unable to cure diseases such as Diabetes, blood pressure, Asthma, Thyroid, Arthritis, Cancer and AIDs ? We do not agree. Our body’s intelligence is capable of curing all the diseases in the world.

If a person gets, disease, the reason is simple. There is some problem with the body’s intelligence. By setting this problem right, we can cure by ourselves all the diseases in the world without the help of any medicine, tablet or doctor. The blood of a mother is what gets transformed into the body parts of the child. The body’s intelligence that knows how to convert the food into a child also knows how to cure the diseases.

How does a mother bear a child? The child is initially a cell in the uterus. The mother’s body parts work together to convert that cell into several millions of cells and by creating parts such as eyes, ears, nose, kidney, etc. produce a complete child.

Let us say that there are about 50 different types of raw materials in the kitchen. In all the kitchens, the same 50 items will be available. By using these same 50 items, we can prepare 50000 types of dishes.

Just imagine like this. Our blood is the kitchen. Our body parts working together represent the person who cooks the food. The ingredients in the blood are the items in the kitchen. The body parts of the child that is being created in the uterus of the mother are the food dishes.

If we visualize like this, we can easily understand our body. The body parts which act as the cook go to the kitchen called the blood to take various items such as calcium, iron, sodium, etc. from it, make parts such as eyes, ears, nose, etc. and create the child. Just as we go to the kitchen to take rice, pulses, wheat, etc. and make a variety of dishes our body creates the various body parts of the child.

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