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All body parts renew themselves periodically

Al- body-parts

You may ask me, “OK, by setting right the five things if we replace the cells and keep on replacing the body parts, will there be no death at all for us?” Our treatment will work for up to 120 years of age. Every living being has a life span. All living beings such as dog, hen, monkey, crow, etc. live for a specific period of time. Nature has given the tortoise the opportunity to live for a longer duration of time.

The dog lives only for a short period of time.

This means that, the cells in the body of each living thing can replace themselves continuously only for a particular period of time. Every cell in a human body can replace itself up to the age of 120 years.
Therefore, we can use this treatment up to the age of 120 years and live without any disease.

You may ask, “I am 80 years old. My body parts have been affected very much. Will this treatment benefit me?” Definitely it will benefit you. It will benefit even after 120 years of age but we cannot give any guarantee about the number of years beyond that. Therefore, please do not shy away from this treatment by saying that you have become old. Even the elderly people can cure themselves from diseases by replacing their body parts through this treatment.

In essence, all the cells in the body can be cured by setting right the five things. In our treatment there is no separate treatment for each body part. By setting right the five things, we can cure all the parts in our body. Let us all live a healthy life!

What are those five things that you have to have to have a healthy life ? Let me repeat the same. My sister told me, at the cost of repetition I should keep repeating these five things which are very important for us to keep remembering and ensure those five things are in order.

(1) any one item in the blood has gone bad, or
(2) any one item is not available in the blood, or
(3) the quantity of blood itself is less, or
(4) the mind gets disturbed, or
(5) the body’s intelligence gets affected
If any one of the above gets affected then we will get into trouble.

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