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What is BP (Blood Pressure) ?


Let us consider the blood as a train and the body parts as railway stations. A train goes into every railway station and comes out. At every railway station, some passengers will board the train and some passengers will get down from the train.

Similarly, the train called blood starts from the station called the heart and goes into each and every railway station (body part) and comes out. At each body part, some items will get into the blood and some items will go out of the blood. We will see this in detail now.

When the train called blood goes into the railway station called heart, let us see what gets into the blood and what gets out of the blood. Some of us might be thinking that the heart purifies the blood.
Actually the heart never purifies the blood. The body parts which are responsible for cleaning the blood are the lungs, the kidneys, the liver and the bone marrows. If any of you think that the heart produces the blood, please know the fact. The blood is produced in the bone marrows.

Then what does the heart actually do? The heart creates the pressure called the Blood Pressure in the blood that comes to it after a long and tiring journey throughout the body. When the train called blood comes to the railway station called the heart, its movement gets speeded up by the heart through the Blood Pressure.

After meditating for one hour silently and without any body movement, check up your blood pressure. The blood pressure will be very low. Therefore, low blood pressure is not at all a disease. If low pressure is a disease, can you say that meditation causes disease? When we meditate, we get many amazing powers. If low pressure were to be a disease, how could we have got such powers through meditation? After completing your meditation, slowly open your eyes and slightly wave one of your hands up and down. Now, will the blood pressure increase or reduce? It will definitely increase.

What is blood pressure (BP)? Imagine the heart as the mother and the cells as children. When a cell opens its door and eats an item from the blood, that cell will tell its mother namely the heart, “Mother, I have eaten an item. Give me some more BP.” When cells take an item from the blood, they will send a message through the nerves to the mother namely the heart. To whatever extent the cells eat, BP will rise to that extent.

Now wave both the hands up and down fast. Does your BP rise or does it reduce? It increases. Why? When all the cells in both the hands eat more items from the blood, the heart distributes more food.
Now run fast. Does the BP rise much more than before or does it fall? Whenever we run fast, our BP will definitely be high. High BP is referred to as a disease. Does it mean that nobody in the world should run? It is generally believed that normal BP means good health. When a dog chases you, if you want to keep your BP normal, you must run slowly. Then what will happen? The dog will bite you! When a dog chases you, you cannot keep your BP normal.

So, from now on we should not allow Virat Kohli to play cricket. His BP will rise when he runs, will it not? Let us not allow anyone to participate in Olympics. If any participant wants to keep his BP normal, he or she will not be able to win any medal. If you participate in any game or sport, your BP will definitely be high.

What we can understand from this is that, there is no necessity for BP to be normal. At any time, BP may be high or low or normal. Our body will increase or reduce the BP depending on its requirement from time to time. Therefore, we should not try to control our blood pressure.

After running for some time, if you sit on meditation, your high BP will slowly reduce and come back to normal. Then, it will further reduce and become low BP. Therefore, it is not necessary to check
your BP value and keep it normal.

Some of you may say, “OK, I know that high BP occurs due to running. But I was just watching TV at my residence and my BP became high. What is the reason for this?” Some of you may say, “I was not doing meditation and I was cooking food at home but I had low BP at that time. What is the reason for this?”

BP is nothing but a measure of how many cells in the body need food. When the cells work and eat food or when cells get disease and they need to cure themselves and also to increase their strength for activities, blood pressure will increase. Whenever there is less need for food for the cells in the body, BP will reduce.

When a cell gets a disease, it will need four things:

(1) Blood Pressure
(2) Sugar
(3) Oxygen and
(4) Minerals and vitamins needed to cure the disease.

When these four things are given to the cell, the cell will cure itself from the disease, whatever may be the disease. When a cell gets any disease, the first thing it will ask for is BP. This is because things can be consumed only if BP increases. Only then the disease can be cured. If a disease comes to a million cells, all the one million cells will first of all ask for BP only. BP will rise and all the one million cells will be cured of their diseases. This may take half an hour or one hour or four hours.

Thus, when some disease comes to the cells of the body, from the moment its cure starts to the moment the cure ends, the BP will definitely be high. This is because the diseases can be cured only if the BP is higher than normal. Without increasing the BP, no disease in the body can be cured.

Whoever has the five things namely
(1) Quality of items in the blood
(2) Quantity of items in the blood
(3) Quantity of the blood
(4) Mind
(5) Intelligence of the body

in proper condition in their body, their BP will rise whenever needed and their disease will be cured. After curing the disease, their BP will return to normal. If one or more of these five factors are not proper, the diseases in the body cannot be cured.

For example, let us say that the quality of one item needed to cure a disease is of inferior quality in the blood of a person. Then the cell will be unable to cure the disease using the inferior quality item. So, the suffering cell will keep on asking the heart to increase the BP and the BP will remain high. If an item in the blood is in insufficient quantity in the blood, the blood will be unable to supply that item when the cells need that item. Therefore, the cells will not be able to cure the disease and they will keep on asking the heart for more BP.

If the quantity of blood itself is less, cells will be unable to cure the diseases and they will keep on asking for more BP. When the mind is not in good condition, BP will be always high. If the intelligence of the body is affected, then BP will be always high.

Thus, when a cell gets a disease, till that disease gets cured, BP will have to remain high. So, when BP increases, we need to understand that the cells in the body have a disease and the cells are struggling to cure that disease. Instead of this, we should not wrongly think that the blood pressure has increased due to some problem in the heart.

What is high BP? When thousands of cells in the body get disease and there is difficulty in curing the disease due to one of the five factors, blood pressure will continuously remain high. This condition is called high BP.

As long as a cell is alive it will keep on asking the heart for more BP for curing its disease whenever it gets a disease. Therefore, there is no use of treating a person with high BP by treating his heart or by giving treatment to reduce his BP. Instead, for curing the diseases that occur in the cells, the five factors mentioned above have to be set right. By setting right these five factors, we can cure the diseases in the cells of the body and thereby we can reduce the blood pressure. This is the correct solution to cure high BP.

What is low BP? We have seen that, when the cells in the body get diseases, if the items needed to cure the diseases are not of good quality in the blood or these items are not present in the blood, the heart increases the blood pressure and this is called high BP. The heart is also made up of tissues. These tissues are also made up of cells. If the items that are to be consumed by the cells in the heart are not of good quality in the blood or these items are not present in the blood, the cells in the heart will be affected. This condition is called low BP.

Therefore, high BP and low BP are not diseases concerned with the heart at all. These are actually diseases concerned with the items in the blood and more specifically these are diseases concerned with the five factors mentioned above. So, the treatment can be given only to the blood.

A person is sitting calmly. His BP is normal. If suddenly a snake is tossed up on his lap, what will he do? He will scream with fear, “Oh, snake!” If you check his BP at that time, it will definitely be very high.
Our body is very intelligent. If a person with normal BP gets fear, why should he get high BP immediately? The reason is that, in case the snake bites him and the poison spreads throughout his body, higher blood pressure will be needed to take that poison out from all the cells in the body. Therefore, the body increases the BP well in advance and protects the life of the person.

Once the snake leaves his lap and goes out of his house, the next moment the person says, “Thank God!” and becomes calm again. Then his BP reduces. What we must understand from this is that, our body will increase the BP whenever required and reduce the BP whenever high BP is not required. Therefore, we should not try to control our BP.

If we go to a doctor who does not know that the problem lies only in one of the five factors such as the quality or quantity of some items in the blood, then he just examines our blood pressure alone. After examining our BP, if it is more than a particular value, he says that it is high BP. If it is lower than a particular value, he says that it is low BP. The doctors label them as diseases.

Doctors in the hospitals just measure the BP and they do not analyze the reason as to why it is high or low. Doctors just give some medicine or tablet. What do these medicines and tablets do? These medicines directly control the blood pressure of the heart.

The body, for some reason such as for curing a disease or for digesting more food needed for physical energy, would have increased the BP. Just think whether it is right for us to control this fluctuation in BP. By controlling the BP in this way, the diseases in the body will only increase and there is no possibility of the diseases reducing.

Let us say that a person keeps on consuming medicines and tablets for BP continuously for three months. What will happen if he stops taking the medicine for just one day after three months? His BP will immediately shoot up to a very high level. Now what do we think? We think, “I was taking BP tablet for three months and my BP was in complete control. I was healthy for the last three months. If I do not take BP tablet even for one day, my BP increases. I have got the BP disease again.”

With this fear, we keep BP tablets always with us and keep on consuming them throughout our lives. Initially when 10,000 cells got a disease, BP increased for curing them. We consumed medicines and tablets only for reducing the BP but we did not do anything at all for curing the disease that occurred in the 10,000 cells.

So, we kept consuming medicines and tablets for 3 months just for controlling the BP. Whoever tries to control his or her BP in this way, their body will not do anything at all to cure the diseases that come during this period of time. In this period of 3 months when the BP is being controlled, there may be new diseases coming everyday to some other 10,000 or 20,000 cells. Who will cure all these diseases? In this way, when already a disease was present in 10,000 cells, during these 3 months, there could be another disease for some other 20,000 cells and that disease also will remain uncured.

Therefore, if your BP increases to a high level when you stop the BP medicine even for one day, this means that diseases have increased in the body. When the heart attempts to cure the disease in 10,000 cells our BP rises. Now please tell me, by controlling BP, will the diseases in the body be reduced or increased?

According to our treatment, controlling the BP is absolutely wrong and it is the root cause of the prolongation of diseases. No one should try to control their BP. Our BP will increase or reduce as per the requirement of the body. There is no necessity for us to do anything about it.

But our doctors say that BP can only be controlled and there is no cure for it. We need not know much about science to understand this. I will ask you one simple question. When you take BP medicine to regulate your BP, as time passes, does the dosage of your BP medicine reduce or increase? We see that invariably the dosage of the BP medicine keeps on increasing. When the dosage of BP medicine increases, it means that your disease keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

Now please tell me, do you need a doctor for curing your disease or for amplifying your disease? Does your disease get cured by your consuming the medicine or does it increase? Just think. When the dosage of your BP medicine keeps on increasing, it means that the disease in your body is successfully becoming bigger and bigger.

A doctor should give a high dosage of medicine initially and then he should reduce the dosage after a few months. After some time, he should inform you, “I have cured your disease through medicines and tablets. From now on, you need not take any medicines and tablets.” This is the good medical treatment. This is the right way of treatment.

Instead, the dosage of medicine being given to the so-called BP disease keeps on increasing. Moreover, the doctors say that you have to consume it throughout your life and that the disease called BP can never be cured.

Do you need a doctor to tell you that a disease cannot be cured? Why should a person study and practice medicine to tell you that a disease cannot be cured? We need doctors to tell us that the diseases can be cured and not to tell that diseases cannot be cured. If doctors say that the disease called BP cannot be cured, it is because BP is not a disease at all! How can you cure something which is not a disease?

Therefore, the truth is that controlling BP is the actual disease. Nobody should try to control their BP. If BP is controlled, then the disease will increase and it will never reduce.

When a surgical operation is done in the hospital, the body is cut with a knife. When a body part is cut with a knife, several millions of cells die. We have seen already that, when the cells in our body are affected, they will, first of all, ask for BP. Will the body think “My skin is being cut only by the family doctor; He will stitch it back within a short time. No need to worry.” and remain calm during the operation? When the body parts are cut, the very next moment our body will increase the BP to replace the millions of cells in order to save our life. If BP increases in this way during the surgical operation, blood will be wasted away in large quantity.

Because of this reason, in order to keep BP at a particular level during the operation, the measure called normal BP was invented. When a surgeon performs an operation, the operation will be done well only if the BP is kept within a particular range by administering BP medicines and tablets to the patient during the operation.

The measure of normal BP was invented only for this purpose. This measure was taught to the doctors during their study. There is no need to inform this measure to any patient. The patient need not know the measure of normal BP at all. There is no necessity for a person to measure his BP and know the value.

Therefore, it is a fact that BP is to be maintained at the normal level during the surgeries and during the times of emergency for saving lives. But, once we come out of the hospital, we need not be concerned about our BP value at all. There is no need for anyone to test his or her BP. There is also no need for our BP to remain at a normal level.

Thus, BP medicines and tablets were invented solely for the purpose of keeping the BP at a normal level during surgical operations and also during emergency situations. But, the manufacturers of BP medicines and tablets sat in star hotels and deliberated, “How can we boost our business?”

The pharmaceutical companies have understood one thing very clearly. Public will accept whatever the doctors tell them. At home, the husband will not listen to what his wife says. Wife will not believe what her husband says. Friends will not believe each other. Partners will not trust each other. But, the gullible public will believe whatever is told by the doctors and scientists who have been coached by the drug manufacturing companies.

The disease called BP is nothing but a bogus disease that has been invented solely based on this reasoning. There is no disease called BP in this world. There is also no treatment for this disease. There is no necessity to keep BP at a normal value. If a doctor says that BP is a disease, then he is not at all a doctor.

herefore, no one should try to control the BP directly through medicine or tablet. In our treatment, by setting right the five factors mentioned earlier, 300 million cells in our body replace themselves by good cells every minute. By simply keeping the five things in proper condition in our body, diseases in 300 millions cells can be cured in a minute.

Thus, those who meticulously follow certain things through our treatment can control their BP within four months. Just by maintaining the five things properly and without any other medicine or tablet, the dosage of BP medicine that is already being taken can be gradually reduced every month and after four months you will see that there is no necessity for you to consume any BP medicine or tablet at all. Then there will also be no necessity to measure the BP. Moreover, irrespective of whether BP is high or low, you will always be energetic.

Therefore, the disease called blood pressure is nothing but the testing of blood pressure. All the people who do not test their BP do not have the BP disease. Once you get suspicion and start testing your BP, from that moment onwards BP disease will start for you. So, let us clearly understand that BP can be controlled only by curing all the cells and not by controlling the blood pressure in the heart using medicines and tablets.

So, consuming medicines and tablets to control the BP is like consuming poison at our own cost as both are one and the same. ourselves through our therapy and live life Let us understand this and easily cure joyfully!

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