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BP can be cured just by eating salt


It is said that those having BP should not add salt in their food. Many people keep eating salt-less food for a long time, without adding even an iota of salt in their food. I will pose one question to them: You are eating salt-less food for so many years. Has your disease been cured yet? If it is not cured, then why are you needlessly following this restriction? All right, can anyone say for how many years salt-free diet is to be followed for BP to be cured? Now, we will see why BP increases when salt is added in the food.

When the salt taste touches the tongue, the taste buds will convert it into water energy and make the kidney function. The kidney will cleanse the blood contaminated with all the waste matter and will send out the waste as urine through the urinary bladder. When the waste matter is removed from the blood, the blood will become watery. Then, the heart will be able to pump the blood faster.

Therefore, let us understand that the blood will be cleansed only when we eat salt. So, if BP increases when the blood is cleansed and diluted, then it is not a disease. It is a sign of the body getting cured. You are avoiding salt because someone told you so and you are keeping your blood dirty. Then who will clean your blood?

The doctors advise that BP patients should not consume salt. If you go to any hospital for emergency treatment for BP and kidney related diseases, one liquid bottle will be found hanging above the bed. We call all these bottles as glucose bottles. But sometimes these bottles will contain sodium chloride. Sodium chloride means salt. Sodium chloride will be sent into the body directly and mixed with the blood.

The doctors who say that BP will increase if salt is consumed send five to ten bottles of sodium chloride inside us during emergency situations. Will the same salt save the life at that time?

Some people who totally avoid salt in their food may faint due to low BP or high BP and be taken to hospital. There they will be administered ten bottles of sodium chloride and their life will be saved. They will come back and say proudly, “I went to the hospital. Ten bottles were administered to me. Now I am better.” Please understand that just salt has been added to their blood.

If you add sufficient quantity of salt as demanded by your tongue, there is no need for you to faint. There is no need for you to go to a hospital for treatment. Our ancestors said, “An item which is devoid of salt is worth dumping in the dustbin.” Are you a dustbin to keep on consuming salt-less food? Therefore, it is totally a wrong opinion that salt should not be consumed by BP patients.

When a person is undergoing treatment in the hospital, sodium chloride may be going into the person’s body from the bottle. At that time, the doctor would have told him, “Already we are adding salt to your blood. So, do not add salt to your food now. If both these salts are added at the same time, BP may rise.”

It is wrong to follow this advice even after we have come out of the hospital. Therefore, those having BP should use salt in the right quantity as demanded by their tongue. Then, theirBP, their fear and all their kidney-related diseases will surely be cured.

Therefore, only a doctor who knows the fact that there is a connection between salt, water energy, kidney, urinary bladder, ear and fear can cure the diseases related to these parts. When we go to a doctor who does not know this, the doctor analyzes that particular organ, does surgery and gives medicines and tablets. So, we are keeping many diseases uncured in our body for several years.

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