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Taste addictionSome people eat a lot of a particular taste saying that they like it very much. That is, they become slave to some tastes. Artificial foods are the reason behind this addiction. In a natural food, there will be no chemical that will make us addicted to its taste. But, in the items that come packaged in boxes and tins, the manufacturers add some chemicals in order to make our tongue addicted to their taste. So, we become slaves to those tastes. In all items such as cookies, cool drinks, mixtures, etc. chemicals that make us addicted to that taste are being added.

So, please avoid eating artificially prepared items as far as possible. If you are a slave to such artificial food products and eat them again and again, then our advice that you should eat whatever your tongue asks for will not be valid in this context. Since artificial food products contain chemicals, we will feel like eating them again and again. So, we can eat all natural foods liberally as  much as our tongue desires. But, we have to be a little cautious when we eat artificial foods.

There is a little trick to avoid becoming addicted to any taste. Once we keep a food in our mouth, if we chew it well, relish the taste and swallow it only when it is totally devoid of all taste, we will not become slave to that taste. If we do not chew the food properly and swallow it even when that taste is present in the tongue and again eat the same food, the tongue which is having that taste in it will keep on asking for that taste.

You can test this for yourself. After you have chewed food and swallowed it, if you chew your empty mouth five times, mix saliva, bring the tongue to a tasteless state and then eat the same food, your tongue will quickly stop liking that taste and you will not eat that taste again and again.

Therefore, before we put a morsel of food inside our mouth every time, if we experience and exhaust all the taste in the mouth, chew the empty mouth and then eat, the food will also be tasty and we will not be addicted to any taste.

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