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GFThose who have lost their teeth should not eat hard food dishes at all. Do we give hard food to new-born babies who do not have teeth? We give only liquid diet such as milk, water, tender coconut water, etc. to new-born babies. Is it fair to treat toothless children and toothless elders differently?

When even those having teeth do not chew the food properly and get diseases, how can a person not having teeth at all chew the food? How can that food be digested?

Therefore, those who do not have teeth should eat only liquid foods. One example is fruit juice. All fruit juices can be consumed. Only liquid foods such as tender coconut water, rice porridge, etc. which are not hard should be consumed by those who do not have teeth. Even such liquid foods should be sipped just like tea is sipped and they should not be drunk fast in one go.

In case they want to eat solid food, the food should be minced well using the hands and the chewing work which is supposed to be done by the teeth should be given to the hands. After this grinding of food with hands, the food should not be just put in the mouth and swallowed. The food should be kept in the mouth for some time. We have to imagine that we have teeth and we have to chew the food at least fifteen times using our gums. Only then the tongue will enjoy the taste and the saliva will mix with the food.

If you desire to eat some heavy dishes, those dishes can be eaten after churning them into a paste just as we churn spinach. If you wish to eat very hard items we can put the dish in a mixer grinder and make it into a paste and then eat it.

So, those who have no teeth should give the work of teeth to the hand or mixer grinder and once that work is over, they can keep the food in the mouth, enjoy the taste, mix it with saliva and then swallow it.

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  1. Yes. Sometimes I do that. Semi solid state s OK. Kanji etc will b consumed directly. But some items I grind in mixi n have
    But I enjoy the taste, of coarse.

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