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Woman with tissue having flu or allergy

When we are habituated to drink water available in a particular town, we catch cold if we drink water in another town. Some people are used to always drink boiled water. Suddenly if they drink raw, nonboiled water, then they catch cold. Thus, when we change our drinking water, we catch cold. What is the reason for this?

When a person drinks boiled water for several years, his body will be sick due to the lack of many minerals in his blood. Then one day when he suddenly drinks non-boiled water, his kidney will take the minerals and nutrients from that water and mix them in his blood. Since some things are absent in his blood for many years, when some of these good things suddenly enter the blood,  his body starts the work of removing some waste from the blood using these good ingredients. This waste may go out of the body through cold, fever or stools. Seeing this, we are afraid that there is some disease.

We have seen earlier that there are only five reasons for all the diseases in the body. There is a simple way to find out whether all these five things are all right in a person’s body. If a person drinks water from some other town and he does not get cold, fever, etc., then it means that all these five factors are in good condition in his body. If a person gets cold, fever, etc. when he changes the water he drinks, then it means that there are many diseases in his body and his body is waiting for a long time to cure them but is not able to do so due to the shortage of some nutrients.

Therefore, there is no need of taking blood test, scan, etc. to check whether your body is healthy or not. Just by changing the water you drink, you can easily detect whether your body has some disease or not.

So, please start drinking normal tap water from today onwards after cleaning it in a natural way. If you suddenly start drinking ordinary water in this way, you may catch cold during the first ten days. You may also get fever. But, please do not be afraid of this. Just get the phlegm out and follow the guidelines to be followed in case of fever as given in this book. Then you will never face any trouble in your life again irrespective of whichever water you may drink.

I am not writing this after reading some book just for the sake of writing. I have been drinking only tap water from 1992 onwards till today (2013). I never get any cold or fever. All those who drink tap water will not get eye infection even when all the others in your house get eye infection. When all the others in your town get Chikungunya disease, you will not get Chikungunya. The biggest and the best vaccine in the world is tap water.

catching cold 1Many people ask me, “How can we drink tap water? Our water tank is not clean.” It is your job to get the water tank cleaned. When you can spend a lot of money to buy a water filter, can’t you spend a small amount of money to get your water tank cleaned? So, it is our duty to clean our drinking water tank.

Some people fear that the water pipes have iron particles, dust, etc. and these can cause diseases. First of all, no diseases will come to us due to any dust or germs in the water pipes. In case you have such a fear, you can replace all the water pipes in your house with new ones once in five or ten years. This may cost us some money. But, it is worth spending for the cause of our health.

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