Friday , April 26 2019

General Treatment

Five Reasons for all the diseases


Now we recollect briefly what we have learnt earlier. Diseases are of two types: (1) The diseases which come from within the body (2) The diseases which are caused by something outside the body. We have to compulsorily go to a doctor for the diseases belonging to the second category. …

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What is Cancer & how it is curable ?


What is Cancer ? Understand this first .. All the cells in our body from head to toe renew themselves with a specific periodicity. The intestines renew themselves once every 36 hours, white corpuscles once in 13 days, red corpuscles once in 120 days, liver once in a year etc. …

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AIDS – Is it a curable disease ??


Types of Intelligence Our body has two types of intelligence. One is the intelligence to destroy the disease-causing germs whenever they enter the body. The second is the intelligence to renew all the body parts periodically. If the first intelligence gets affected, then it is called AIDS. If the second …

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Anaemia, Haemoglobin Shortage


WHY DOES THE QUANTITY OF BLOOD REDUCE (ANAEMIA, SHORTAGE OF HAEMOGLOBIN)? Depending on our age, height and weight, there is a desired quantity of blood in our body. If the quantity of the blood in our body is less than this level, then it is the third level of disease. …

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Gastritis & Cholesterol


Remedies for Gas Trouble and Cholesterol 1. Drink 2 drops of Pure Til Oil immediately after you wake up in the morning before you start your day. 2. Do Enima What is Enima ? In the morning, after you wake up, you go to the washroom and push your excreta out. …

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Why do we consult a Doctor ?

Beautiful young doctor standing with hands folded and assistant doctors in background

What do we do when we get into some health issues, we consult a doctor … right ? . What do they do in turn ? All the doctors in the world spend time on consultation may be for 5-15 minutes and prescribe medicine and advise us to undergo some …

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