Friday , April 19 2019

What do we mean when we say that the cells have lost their intelligence ?

Each cell in each and every part of our body has its own intelligence. We are healthy as long as this intelligence is functioning properly. When this intelligence gets affected, it becomes a disease.

The intelligence of the cells will not get affected all of a sudden. First the quality of an item in the blood will reduce. Then an item will be absent. Then the quantity of blood will reduce. Then the mind will be affected. Only a person who does not treat these four diseases properly will get the killer diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. If the quantity of blood in our body reduces and then the mind gets affected, only then the intelligence of the cells in our body will be affected.

There are ten dogs in our house. If we give ten cookies, one to each dog, then all the ten dogs will eat them without fighting. If we give only two cookies to the ten dogs, all dogs will fight for the two cookies and the dog which is more powerful than the others will eat them. All the other dogs will starve and they will get diseases due to lack of food.

Now consider all the cells in our body as dogs and the blood as the cookies. Only as long as the cookies namely blood is in sufficient quantity, all the dogs namely the cells will get proper food. Once the quantity of blood reduces, the stronger ones will eat the available cookies and will be healthy. The weaker ones will starve and their health and their intelligence will be affected.

Therefore, the basic reason for the occurrence of Cancer and AIDS in our body is the lack of proper treatment for all the four reasons mentioned above.

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