Thursday , February 21 2019

How to control uric acid or reduce uric acid naturally ?

uric acid(a) Take few pudina leaves, curry leaves and coriander leaves.  Grind it in mixi and make a paste of it.  Add this paste to one glass of butter milk and stir it well.  Drink one glass every day.

(b) Only pudina paste, one tea spoon honey, a pinch of salt to be added to one glass of mosambi juice.  Stir it well and drink one glass of this every day.

(c) Buy tea leaves (not tea dust).  Add few leaves on water and boil it hot.  One glass of water should become half. Then add normal water to this half glass hot hot water and then drink it.  You can add jaggery but not sugar.

All the three have one glass every day and reasonable intervals any time during the day.  In 3 days you will see improvement and in 15 days, the problem will be resolved totally.

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