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How to cure THYROID related diseases


The food we eat contains calcium. People say that we should drink lot of milk so that our body gets calcium. This is a wrong concept. Do hens drink milk? But eggs contain calcium. Even the shell of an egg is calcium. So, how did the hen get calcium? Just think. Does the cow drink milk? Cow eats leaves, grass, hay, etc. and then it gives milk. This milk has calcium. So, calcium is present not only in milk but in all foods. Especially, it is present in all green plants.

Therefore, if we want calcium for our body, we can get more calcium by eating a lot of spinach. Calcium is present in all the foods and grains that we eat. If the calcium in the food that we eat gets digested well, then it is called good calcium. If it is not digested properly, then it is called bad calcium.

The calcium in our blood is of two types. One is good calcium and the other is bad calcium. The words “good” and “bad” are used here so as to help us understand easily. The correct words are “high potency” and “low potency”. For example, one tablet may be of 50 mg dosage and another may be of 150 mg dosage. A higher dosage tablet will have more potency (power).

Similarly, we can segregate ingredients as good and bad depending on whether they have high potency or low potency. The calcium obtained by proper digestion of the food that we eat is good calcium. The calcium obtained through incomplete and improper digestion due to problems in digesting the food that we eat is low quality calcium or bad calcium.

Calcium should be present in the desired quantity in our blood. If calcium present is above this level, thyroid gland will take the excess calcium and save it in a storehouse namely bone.

If calcium is improperly digested, then this low quality, bad calcium will be present in the blood. When thyroid stores this calcium in the bones, then the bones get affected.

Bones created with such bad calcium may rot, may become bulgy or lean or may break. Thus, bones may get affected in various ways due to bad calcium. But, doctors say that thyroid gland is responsible for all the bone-related diseases. The fact is that, bone-related diseases occur because the items taken by the thyroid gland have gone bad in the blood. So, the cause of bone- related diseases is not thyroid gland but the quality of calcium in our blood. When the quantity of calcium in the blood falls below the desired level, a gland called Parathyroid takes the calcium from the bones and puts it in the blood.

When the capacity to extract calcium from the blood reduces, then the quantity of calcium in our blood decreases. Then, when the calcium from the bones is brought to the blood, bones get diseases. Therefore, there is no connection between thyroid gland and all the bone-related diseases.

All the muscles in our body have the capacity to contract and expand. The muscles need some items for contracting and expanding. The contraction and expansion of muscles is dependent upon the function of Thyroid gland. Calcium and some other items are needed for a muscle to expand. Thyroid gland supplies these items. If these items have gone bad in the blood, thyroid gland will not be able to expand the muscles. Under these conditions, muscles will contract but will not expand. So, we become lean. Muscles become tense and they contract.

Sodium and many other things are needed for a muscle to contract. If these items are of poor quality in the blood, thyroid gland will not be able to contract the muscles. Under these conditions, muscles will expand but will not contract. So, we become obese.

This is the reason for some people suddenly becoming obese or lean. Doctors will say that these people have thyroid disease. There is no disease in the thyroid gland. These diseases occur because the quality of the items taken by the thyroid gland from the blood has gone bad.

Therefore, please understand that thyroid disease is not a disease concerned with thyroid gland at all. The basic reason for this is that some items in the blood are of bad quality. Therefore, there is no use of scanning the thyroid gland, testing it, performing surgery and consuming medicines and tablets. Even if we do all these, the disease will only keep on increasing.

Thyroid-related diseases can be cured only by increasing the quality of the ingredients in the blood. By improving the quality of items such as calcium, sodium, etc. in the blood by increasing the digestive power, thyroid disease can be completely cured without using any medicine or tablet, consulting any doctor and performing any surgery.

People say that those having thyroid disease should not drink milk. This is wrong. Thyroid patients can drink milk. Milk is a very good food. But, the packaged milk that is sold in shops in packets and pouches is not good milk. The milk obtained directly from the cow is good and it can be consumed in large quantity. Human body will not get any disease by drinking milk. Let us all live a healthy life!

Following fruits and vegetables are recommended.  Have atleast any 5 of the following everyday.

  • Musk Melon
  • Akrot
  • Carrots – fresh.  Buy those carrots with leaves
  • Red Pomogrenate
  • Brocoli
  • Ginger – cut into slices and chew it.
  • Cinnamon – Mix it with tea and drink.
  • Haldi – Mix it with any item you eat.
  • Coconut Oil …. Mix it with hot dal or Sambhar or Vegetable and drink or eat
  • Hibiscus Flower – Make it dry, put it in boil water, strain it and drink

musk melon

Walnuts with leaf.


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