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Diabetes can be cured just by eating sweets


Diabetes-can-be-cured-just-by-eating-sweetsFor all the mind-related diseases, instead of directly controlling the mind, by making our body healthy, we can pacify our mind easily. But, some doctors under the name of psychologists rekindle old garbage thoughts in our mind and make us more of a mental patient. By just leaving all the bitter happenings in our life so far, by avoiding new worries, anger, fear, etc. we can lead a mentally healthy life.

Doctors say that Diabetic patients should not eat sweets. Many of you are not consuming sweets for several years. Is your Diabetes cured? Ask your doctor for how many years you have to avoid sweets for your sugar disease to be cured. In spite of your not eating sweets for so many years, your sugar disease has not been cured. Then why do you follow this needless restriction?

There is absolutely no connection between sugar disease and sweets. In our treatment, sugar disease can be cured only by eating sweets. Sweet is a taste and is invisible to the eyes. This is to be digested by the tongue. Sugar is visible to the eye. It is to be digested by the stomach. Sugar and sweet are not the same. There is no necessity for these two to be the same.

All the food items we eat contain sugar. Can anyone name a food item which does not contain sugar? But do all the food items taste sweet? No. Therefore, please understand that sugar does not taste sweet.

Thus, sugar is contained in all the food we eat. But some food items only taste sweet. Some other food items do not taste sweet. Therefore, we understand the secret that sugar and sweet taste are different from each other.

When we eat any food item our blood sugar level should rise when the sugar in them mixes in our blood. But, our sugar level does not immediately rise when we eat these items. On the other hand, when we eat a food that tastes sweet our sugar level immediately increases. If we understand the reason for this, from today onwards, we can cure our sugar disease just by eating sweets.

The sugar in the sweet does not mix in the blood. Sweet is a taste. When the sweet taste touches our tongue, the taste buds in the tongue convert it into the pranic energy called earth energy. The earth energy energizes the stomach and makes it function. So, if we eat sweet one hour after eating the food, the sweet taste becomes earth energy, makes the stomach function. The food items that we ate earlier that are in the stomach get digested and the sugar in these food items mixes in the blood.

Therefore, please understand that sweet makes the stomach to work. That is all. Sweet does not get converted into sugar. Only the sugar in the food we eat mixes in the blood.

When sugar patients avoid taking sweets, the sugar in the food items that we eat are not digested properly by the stomach and the stomach sends these sugars along with the stools. Stomach will function only if we eat sweets. Only if the stomach functions, the sugar in the food we eat will mix in the blood. Only if sugar mixes in the blood, all the parts in our body will get food.

Already we have discussed elaborately about the sugar disease and understood that no disease will occur because of a rise in the sugar level in our blood. Because we did not know so far how to eat the food and because the food we eat is not properly digested, when we eat sweets, bad sugars mix in the blood. Because this bad sugar does not get insulin supply, sugar disease occurs.

But, in our treatment, we are going to learn how to convert the sugar in the food that we eat into good sugar. So, when we learn this trick and eat, only if we add sweet taste in our food, the digestion will happen properly and good sugar will mix in the blood.

People in some areas eat more rice. The doctors tell them, “Because you eat more rice, sugar level in the blood has increased. So eat more of wheat.” In some other areas, people eat more wheat. Why do they get sugar disease? Just think. Doctors in those areas advise the sugar patients “Do not eat more wheat. It contains sugar. Eat more of rice.”

The purpose of our eating is only to increase the sugar level in our blood. All food items contain sugar only. Therefore please eat sweets liberally from now on. Eat all items which have sugar to your heart’s content. Nothing will happen to your body.

But please do not consume the white sugar (refined sugar). We can consume all the other types of sweets such as palm sugar (jaggery made from palm wine), moulded jaggery (jaggery made from sugar cane), country-made sugar, honey, jack fruit, etc. Please do not consume this one item namely white sugar as well as the dishes made of white sugar. This is because white sugar contains a deadly poison called sulphur.

Only a doctor who knows that there is a connection between sweet taste, earth energy, stomach, spleen, worry and lips can cure the disease concerned to these organs.

How did this practice of restricting sugar patients from eating sweet start? When a patient is under emergency treatment in the hospital, glucose will be sent directly into the blood of the patient from a glucose bottle. When glucose, which is obtained when the food we eat is digested, is directly being sent into the blood, the patient should not eat any other food. When this patient eats sweets, the stomach will start digesting and the patient will feel hungry. Then he will eat more food, and that food also will be converted into glucose.

Thus, if the patient eats food when the glucose is being sent into the body from the glucose bottle, his glucose level will further increase. Moreover, there is no need for him to eat food at that time. So, the doctors advised that the patient should not eat sweet items at that time. So, we should not eat sweet only when glucose from the glucose bottle is going directly into our body. It is, therefore wrong to follow this advice, which was given to us when we were in the hospital, even after our getting discharged from the hospital.

Therefore, please eat all the sweet that your tongue asks for. If you feel like eating a sweet, go ahead and eat one. You enjoyed it and wish to have one more. No problem. Have one more. You would like to eat one more. No issue, have a third one. However, the moment you do not enjoy the taste anymore, stop with that. If you eat a sweet even after you feel that it is not tasty any more, it will create a disease in the body.

Thus, whatever amount of sweet, when consumed by your tongue, gives happiness in your mind, you can eat that much amount of sweet. This is because, our tongue is the doctor. The taste is the medicine. When the doctor called the tongue asks for the medicine called sweet to be supplied, we have to supply it. So, please understand that if we avoid eating sweets, it will cause diseases in our body.

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