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Why do the Diabetic Patients cut their leg off?

Initially, the dosage of medicine consumed by the sugar patients will keep on increasing. Then, all the body parts will get affected. Then there will be new diseases in different body parts. Finally, at a point when the dosage of medicine cannot be increased further, the doctors will order for administering the insulin into the body through injection.

What is the difference between sugar tablet and insulin injection? Sugar tablet will go to the pancreas, take insulin and give it to the bad sugar. In the case of the insulin injection, insulin will be directly supplied to the bad sugars in the blood without involving the pancreas.

The insulin secreted by rats, pigs, etc. is taken and sold in the medical shops. We buy it and send it inside our body through injection. In this way, whoever uses medicines, tablets and insulin for sugar diseases, all of them spoil their body parts by giving good certificate to the bad sugars in their blood and there is no benefit to them by this. As time passes, does the sugar disease keep on increasing or does it keep on getting cured? It keeps on increasing.

Sugar patients get numbness, tingling, burning sensation, prickling sensation, sharp pain, cramps, etc. in the leg. Why does this happen? Let us consider a water bottle. Which part of the bottle remains in contact with the water for the maximum period of time? It is the bottom part of the bottle. The top part of the bottle will be in touch with the water only for a shorter period of time.

Our body is also similar to a bottle. The blood is like water. The blood in our body will at first flow only towards the sole of our legs. Due to the gravitational force, the sole of our legs will be the first one to take the ingredients from the blood. Then the ingredients will go to the other parts above such as knee joints, hip, stomach, etc.

Therefore, the sole of the leg is the first body part that consumes the bad sugars that are obtained through the sugar medicines, tablets, insulin, etc. Because it is the first one to eat the bad sugars, the sole is the first one to get the diseases. This does not happen due to the cells in the sole going bad. It happens due to the cells in the sole dying away. There is a difference between something going bad and dying away.

When we get pain in the sole of the leg, we go for treatments such as Yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, Acupuncture, Neurotherapy, Mudra, Reiki, etc. But we do not stop consuming our sugar medicines and tablets.

After some time, we criticize these treatments and say, “I attended Yoga classes. I tried Acupuncture. But my leg pain has not reduced.” The question is: Did you stop your medicines and tablets? As long as you continue the sugar medicines and tablets, no other medicine can cure your sugar disease. When you keep on spoiling your body continuously through medicines and tablets, how can you find fault with the other medicine for not curing your disease?

Diabetic patients who get numbness and burning sensation in the legs will, after some time, get sores in the leg. Sores anywhere else in the body will get cured, but the sores in the soles will not get cured at all. How can the cells, which cannot even save their own lives, cure themselves when they get diseases? Then, we go to the same doctor for operating the wound in the leg.

For some people, their soles would be badly affected and it would be very ugly to look at. After this, the cells in the big toe will rot and the big toe will get disease. When you show it to the doctor, the doctor will say that the big toe has rotten only because of the sugar disease and he will fix a date for cutting off the big toe.

Just think for a minute. Has any one of the diabetic patients gone to the doctor and questioned him, “I am consulting you from the beginning. You said that I had diabetes. You gave me a tablet. I am consuming it. You taught me about taking sugar test. I have been testing my sugar daily. The dosage of medicines and tablets kept on increasing. I am consuming them regularly till date without fail. Then, you said that there were diseases in different body parts and gave some new medicines and tablets. Then you gave me insulin injection. You asked me to go for walking every day. I walk daily. You asked me not to eat sweets. I have not touched sweets for the last ten years. I have been following all your instructions sincerely. Then, why did my toe rot?”

Let me tell you one secret. Your toe has gone rotten only because you sincerely did all the things that your doctor asked you to do.

When you get your toe cut off, please start saving some more money from now on. After some more months, your leg also will be required to be cut off. This is because you have not stopped your sugar medicines, have you? Next, your knee will have to be cut off. Then your thigh will be cut off. Thus, so many people have got their thighs, legs, etc. cut off and they are permanently bed ridden.

Have you not understood yet that diabetes cannot be cured by any medicine or tablet? Diabetes is not a disease at all. The only solution to diabetes is to digest the carbohydrate in the food that we eat at the three points namely mouth, stomach and small intestine, convert it into good quality, high potent, good sugar and mix it in the blood. Diabetes can be cured only by this easy and simple technique.

In our treatment, diabetic patients can eat sweets. But, doctors say that sugar patients should not eat sweets. All right, I will ask you one question: You have not been eating sweets for the last ten years. Has your Diabetes been cured? There is no connection between sugar disease and sweet. In our treatment, sugar disease will be cured only if the sugar patient eats sweets.

Sugar disease does not occur due to the increase of sugar level in the body. Sugar disease comes only due to the quality of sugar in our body going down. Therefore, whatever food dishes that we may eat, if we learn the technique of how to eat them and then eat accordingly, then good sugar will mix with the blood and insulin will be secreted naturally by the pancreas. Thus, sugar disease can be cured immediately.

Therefore, nobody needs to fear that sugar level is more in the body. Whoever saves more sugar in the body, their lives will be saved.

Let us imagine that a person has been injured in a road accident in a forest area and he is lying on the road at night 10.00 PM. No one noticed him. Let us say that he is spotted by others only by next day morning at 10.00 AM. If the quantity of the sugar saved in his body in the form of glycogen is high, by distribution of this stored sugar in his blood from night 10.00 PM to morning 10.00 AM his life could be saved. Whoever has more sugar saved in their body, their lives can be saved for several hours in times of emergency.

Whoever keeps their sugar properly in the name of normal sugar level, there will be no sugar saved in their body at all. For people who take medicine for Diabetes for several years, if they get into an accident in front of the hospital, it is possible that they lose their lives even before they go into the hospital. The money that you have in the bank, the jewels that you own, the land and property that you own, etc. are all the property for the outer world. The quantity of sugar that is stored in your body in the form of glycogen is the actual property owned by you for your life.

Therefore, please eat well. Eat more items having sugar. Save a lot of glycogen in your body. Your life will be saved by this and you will not get any disease. People say that if sugar level increases then it is a disease. If a person gets admitted in a hospital due to an emergency health problem, while coming out from the hospital, he proudly says, “I was given 16 bottles of glucose in the hospital.” Just think. It is the glucose bottle that saved your life. So, sugar only saves life. Is it then right to say that we should not save the sugar in spite of it being the fundamental need of every cell in our body?

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