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Boiled water 2All the doctors in the world and all the media including television and newspapers constantly campaign that we should boil the water and then only drink it. All those who boil the water and drink are likely to get many diseases. We should not boil the water and drink.

Why should we boil the water? We boil the water for the sole reason that there are disease-causing germs in the water and these germs get killed when the water is boiled.

All right, how many litres of water do we drink daily? It may be two or three litres. How many disease-causing germs could be there in these three litres of water? But, we inhale 11600 litres of air every day, at the rate of 8 litres per minute, through our nose. Can anyone say that there are no disease- causing germs in the air? All the dust, dirt, garbage, bacteria and viruses go inside our body through the air that we breathe. They say that disease-causing germs are there in the three litres of water that we drink daily and diseases can come due to these germs. We inhale 11600 litres of air every day. Will we not get diseases through this air?

A disease-causing germ in Japan can fly in the air and come to you in 10 days time and enter your body through your nose. We agree that there can be disease-causing germs in the water. But, do you agree that disease-causing germs are there in the air?

It is true that disease-causing germs in the water die if the water is boiled. If it is true that the only way to kill the disease-causing germs is to boil the water, then all those who boil the water and drink, if you really want to ensure that no disease-causing germs enter your body from now on, should boil the air also, cool it down, filter it and only then breathe it in. Can you do this?

Boiled WaterWhat we have to understand from this is that there are disease-causing germs in the water as well as in the air. If disease- causing germs in three litres of water can cause diseases in our body, then definitely the disease-causing germs in the 11600 litres of air can also cause diseases. What does our body do to those germs which come through the air?

You must have understood one thing when you read the chapter on vaccination in this book. If any disease-causing germ goes inside our body, the disease-resisting capability of our body will destroy that germ. There is no medicine or tablet needed for this. When it is so, whatever our body does to the disease-causing germs that come in through the air that we breathe, it will take the same action on the disease- causing germs that come in through the water that we drink. Therefore, there is no benefit derived by boiling the water and then drinking it.

The water we drink contains a pranic energy called Water Energy. This cannot be seen by the eyes. Moreover, many minerals and vitamins are present in the drinking water. These are essentially needed for our body. Drinking water contains nutrients, life energy as well as disease-causing germs.

When we boil the water, disease- causing germs will die. But, at the same time, the life energy in the water is also destroyed. In addition to this, the minerals, organic compounds such as methane, ethane and other nutrients present in the water also evaporate or are killed and float in the water. Thus, by boiling the water that has life energy and many nutrients, we convert it into stale, useless water. So, our body does not benefit at all by boiling and drinking water. Therefore, one main reason for the shortage of many nutrients in our blood is the fact that we boil the water that we drink.

People all over the world are being advised to eat organically produced fruits and vegetables. However, the fact that water will be devoid of all the organic compounds when it is boiled is not conveyed to the people by any of the health care organizations.

This may be a surprise to you. To confirm this fact, you can do a small experiment. If you have a fish tank in your house, pour boiled, cooled and filtered water in it and leave the fishes in it. The fishes will die the same day. The boiled, cooled and filtered water is so much devoid of life energy and pranic energy that even a fish cannot live in it for a day. So, we should not boil the water that we drink.

During the outbreak of life-threatening epidemics in the country and during Tsunami, floods, etc. all the water resources in the country would be polluted. During such times, even cattle may be lying dead in the water resources and the water may also be muddy. Sometimes, even human bodies may be lying in the water. In those situations, we should boil the water, cool it, filter it and then only drink it.

This procedure is therefore valid only during such emergency periods. Otherwise, during normal periods, there is no necessity to boil the water available in the areas where we live. The advice that we should boil the water, cool it, filter it and drink it was propagated during emergency times because of the fact that diseases could be caused if we drink dirty and polluted water. If we follow this advice daily during normal times thinking that it is always valid, then it will cause diseases in our body.

There are two ways by which minerals and other nutrients can enter our body. One is through the water and the other is

through the food. We drive away those entering through the water by boiling the water. Moreover, by cooking the food, specifically by cooking them using the pressure cooker and also by cooking using the electric stove called Induction Stove, we send out the nutrients from the food also.

The reason for finding that many minerals and other nutrients are absent or are in less quantity when the blood of a person is tested is the fact that water is boiled and drunk, food is boiled and consumed and food cooked in pressure cooker, electric stove and microwave oven is consumed. So, we have to avoid doing such things. Let us all live a healthy life!

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