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When you get vomiting, if you take a treatment to stop sending the waste matter out and force the stomach to digest it, the vomit will get digested and it will go to the small intestine, large intestine and then to the blood. Thus, after a few days of treatment for vomiting, the waste matter will stay in the body and get hardened and create indigestion. If waste matter stagnates in intestine area in large quantity, our body will order a gland called Dysentery gland to function for cleaning our intestine. Therefore, Dysentery is not a disease. If stool is not passed for several days and stagnates in our body, then one day the doctor inside our body decides to send out the waste by making some glands function. Thus, dysentery is nothing but the treatment given by the body for cleaning our

But many of us are afraid when we get dysentery two or three times. Tell me, what is going out? Is our prestige or respect going out? No, only the stool is going out. What is there to be scared about? We can let it go. We eat as per our time schedule. But, do we go to the toilet as per time schedule? Always we are concerned about only the things that we send inside our body. Our body does the job of sending out the waste. A person who goes to the toilet regularly will never get dysentery. The job of the body to clear out the garbage and to clean the system is called Dysentery.

Therefore, whenever Dysentery happens, we should understand that it is not a disease and we should allow it to happen. One important point to be kept in mind here is that we will get tired after having dysentery a couple of times. There is a small way to get over this problem. When we get dysentery, three things are needed for our body: (1) Water (2) Glucose, also called sugar and (3) Salt. If we give these three things to our body, we can have dysentery for a few more times without getting tired. Therefore, when we have dysentery, we should mix one sugar such as Palm sugar (jaggery made from palm wine), Molded jaggery (jaggery made from sugarcane) or country-made sugar and a little crystal salt in ordinary water and drink it in large quantity. If we supply these three things to our body, it will be pleased and it will quickly send out the waste and make us healthy. But, please do not use white sugar and powdered  salt. Please observe carefully. When we get dysentery, urine will not come out in large quantity. This is because the water that is supposed to go through the urine will be going through the stools. You can know when dysentery has stopped, in the following way. When you keep drinking the water as mentioned above, you will have dysentery again and again. At a particular point, you will urinate a lot. When the entire water that we drink comes out as urine only, then it means that our dysentery has stopped.

At this point of time, we have to understand that our stomach, intestine, etc. have been fully cleaned and we should stop drinking the sugar-salt solution. After a while, we will feel very hungry. Then we should eat rice porridge or any natural food. For the next meal, we can eat light dishes. From the subsequent meal onwards, we can start eating our normal food. If we help our body in this fashion during the time of dysentery, we can be healthy. But many people try to stop the dysentery using local medicines. If we do so, it means that we are allowing the waste matter to remain in our body. If a person keeps such waste in the body, it is actually a disease. So, when dysentery happens, we should not stop it. If we take any treatment to stop it, that treatment is the actual disease.

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