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When we eat, we should grind it well using our teeth and then swallow it. Whoever swallows their food as it is without breaking and grinding the food with their teeth, their stomach will ask them one question: “Do I have any teeth to grind the food? Or do I have any mixer blades or grinder?” There are no teeth or mixer blades or grinder in the stomach. Then how does the stomach digest the food we eat?

The stomach is like a vessel. Inside it, an acid called Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is secreted. This acid is what digests the food. This acid is so powerful that, if we take this acid from our stomach and pour it on an iron, the iron will melt. If we pour it on our palm, the palm will get a hole. This powerful acid which can melt even the iron is what is generated in our stomach whenever we feel hungry.

You may get a doubt. Will this acid that can melt even the iron not harm our stomach? There will be a layer of mucus between the stomach and this acid. This membrane prevents the acid from touching the stomach and saves the stomach from being damaged. If we do not eat for a long time after feeling hungry, the acid that has been secreted in the stomach, without having anything to eat, will start eating away this mucus layer.

Thus, for those people who do not eat when they are hungry and starve their stomach regularly, after some time, this acid will keep on eating the membrane and one fine day this strong acid will touch the stomach. Once it touches the stomach, the stomach will be damaged and it will get sore. Then there will be acute pain in the stomach. This is called Ulcer.

The doctors world-over say that we have to eat our food time to time without fail according to the time schedule, if we want to avoid getting ulcer. But, here is the truth. Whoever eats food according to time schedule by seeing the clock, all of them will get ulcer. If you eat whenever you feel hungry, ulcer will be cured. There is a lot of difference between eating timely food and eating food when we feel hungry.

If a person feels hungry he has to eat food immediately. Instead, if he wants to take food only by fixed time and waits for two hours, the acid can damage his stomach in these two hours. All the doctors in the world ask you to eat food according to time schedule. Please do not take food as per time. Eat only when you are hungry.

We should chew the food, grind it well using our teeth and then only swallow it. Generally, we do not give much work to our teeth at all. We just swallow the food in big morsels.

Let us assume that we take the food 40 times with our hand when we eat a plate of food. If we eat the food without properly chewing it during the first four times, the acid that is available in the stomach for digesting the 40 handfuls of food will be exhausted after digesting 4 handfuls of food. This is because the acid in the stomach has to do the job which is supposed to have been done by the teeth. So, only the first four mouthfuls of food become good blood. The next 36 mouthfuls of food become waste and go out as stool because there is no acid in the stomach to digest it. The only reason for pot belly and obesity is that we do not give much work to our teeth.

When there is acid in the stomach, the food we eat gets digested and it does not get converted into pot belly. The food we eat after the acid in the stomach gets exhausted does not get digested and it becomes pot belly. This is the reason for obesity also.

Therefore please give work to your teeth. The more we chew the food with our teeth, make it a paste and send it into our stomach, the less will be the work for the acid in the stomach. Then, the stomach will digest the food with the least amount of acid and keep the balance of the acid for the food coming in subsequently.

So, if all the foods that we eat are to be digested, then we have to bite and chew each and every mouthful of food, make it a paste and then only swallow it.

Many people go for walking exercise for reducing pot belly and obesity. Some people try to reduce their body weight using new technologies such as vibrator machine, tying it to the stomach or standing on it.

Why should we eat when we are not hungry and then run on a vibrator? If we eat only when we feel hungry, then there will be no pot belly and there will be no obesity. So, the easiest way to reduce obesity and pot belly is to give work to our teeth.

Measure your body weight today and note it down. Eat the food as we have suggested above. Within one month, your body weight will come down by several kilograms. You need not go for walking. There is no need to use any vibrator machine. If you are a person who eats five Rotis for every meal, now you can eat seven Rotis per meal and still reduce your weight.

So, it is a wrong notion to think that obesity comes due to eating more food. It is also wrong to think that body weight can be reduced by eating less food. By giving more work to our teeth, we can eat more and still reduce our body weight.

In our treatment, you can eat all the food you like to whatever extent you wish and still reduce your body weight just by giving lot of work to your teeth, chewing the food well, making it a paste and then eating it.

In our treatment, pot belly will reduce first and then body weight will reduce. Only then the disease will be cured. Therefore, please do not be afraid if you find that your weight falls when you use our treatment. To whatever extent your weight falls, it means that that much waste matter was there in your body. If your weight does not fall at all when you follow our treatment, you do not have any waste matter in your body.

When you start our treatment, initially your weight will fall slowly. Then after some particular day, the weight will remain

constant for several months. Then you can understand that is the true, healthy weight for your body. Then, your weight will keep on increasing slowly. This increase is due to the creation of healthy bones and muscles to create a healthy body. When the weight increases in this way, it will not fall again.

Therefore, once you take a morsel of food in your hand and put it in your mouth, bite and chew it well for at least ten to fifteen times, make it into a paste, mix it with saliva and then swallow it. By doing this, you are helping your stomach. By chewing the food well you are reducing the work for your stomach and your stomach will be healthy and happy.

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