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Fast Remedy for Migrane, Severe head ache and neck pain

head acheMigrane & Head ache 

What is Migrane ?

If your pain on the head is one side it is called Migrane and if it is all over the head it is called Head ache.  It comes to people who are stressed out or they have done something wrong in the last twenty four hours. There are more than 10 lacs type of headache. For each and everyone the reason may be different.  Try to analyse what wrong have you done.  Perhaps you have been sitting and working for a long time just before the PC in the last 24 hours.  This could have been the reason for your head ache.  Take a walk outside in fresh air and you will be get relief.  Perhaps you have not had coffee or tea in the last twenty four hours.  Have them and you will get relieved.  Or you would have slept in a room where no fresh air was there and that could have been the reason for your head ache.  Today you sleep in a room where fresh air comes.  Open the windows and sleep and you will get relief.    Just analyse yourself and try to figure out what went wrong in the last 24 hours.  Do it right today ?  For some people, you would have had heavy lunch the previous day.  Today don’t have lunch.  You will get relief.  For some people, you would not have had anything the previous day, have it today and you will get relief. The reason could be anything. You need to figure out what went wrong and do it right today.  Few other quick remedies are given below :

  • Take half glass of Spinach Juice and one glass of Carrot Juice.  Mix it together and drink it.  Don’t add white sugar.  Jaggery or honey can be mixed to sweeten the juice.  If you can have it just like that, it will be good.
  • Take quarter cup of Cucumber Juice, quarter cup of Beetroot Juice and half a cup of Carrot juice.  Mix it together and drink it without sweetening it.  Relief will be there within 10 minutes depending upon the severity.  If the migrane / headache is severe, 2-3 glasses of this juice will give you relief.
  • Take one lemon, cut it into two haves, remove the skin of the lemon slowly, put them in a motor and grind it to paste.  Apply this paste on your forehead.
  • Drink Ginger juice.  Jaggery or Honey can be mixed with to sweeten the juice.  Avoid white sugar.
  • You can mix ginger and lemon of equal quantity and then drink it as a juice by sweetening it by adding jaggery or honey.
  • You can make a ginger paste and apply it on the forehead to get relief.
  • Extract juice from mint leaves and drink it to get relief.
  • Apply equilyptus oil gently on your forehead to get relief.
  • Take 5-8 basil leaves and drop it in water.  Boil the water for 10 minutes and after it cools down, drink it.
  • Simply smell lavender oil.  You will get relief.
  • Drink two glasses of plain water mixed with oxygen.  Mixed with Oxygen ? Wondering how.  Here is the simple technique.  Have you seen a Tea Vendor pouring it from above the head level to below the chest level glass.  You need to something similar to that.  Take one glass filled with water and another one empty glass. Pour the water from one glass to another and repeat the process 10 times.  Then drink this water and in just 5 minutes you will be relieved from head ache.  Recently, my wife woke up with a head ache and this quick remedy was given and she got relieved within 10 minutes after drinking.

neck painNeck Pain / Stiff Neck 

  • Stop using pillow while sleeping.  You should lie on the bed without a pillow and the neck and foot should be on the same level.
  • When you wake up in the morning, change your sleeping position in such a manner that you should sleep on the cot till the shoulder level and your head should be hanging down from the cot for about 3 minutes. You can count 180 and then lift your head.  Take rest for 5 minutes and after that repeat the process.  Like this you do 3 times in the morning to get relief.
  • Stand on a floor mat straight and rotate your head slowly clockwise and anticlockwise 5 times.  Please note when you rotate your head, your concentration should be on the pain area.  Your mind should be on the pain area while rotating.  Don’t think anything else other than the pain and then do this exercise.
  • Massage your neck with warm cloth.
  • Boil mustard oil lightly, dip a cloth in it and apply it on the neck pain area.
  • Mix one tea spoon of Carom Seeds (Omam they say in Tamil) with one tea spoon of Asofetida powder (Hing in Hindi and perungayam in Tamil) in a cloth and heat the cloth on a Pan (Tava).  It will give a soothing effect.  Repeat this process for 7-10 times morning and evening.

For 100% cure and long term remedy, follow the right method of leading a healthy life by practicing daily good habits.  For web consultation, please click the following link.

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