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There are several types of food. To understand them easily we have classified them into five broad types. These are (1) fruits and natural foods, (2) sprouted grains, (3) cooked foods, (4) non-vegetarian foods and (5) intoxicants and narcotics. Let us now see in detail about these food types.


The first type of food consists of all foods which are natural and tasty. All uncooked foods such as fruits, coconut, cucumber, carrot, etc, which are uncooked but at the same time are tasty belong to this group.


These foods have 100% taste. So they get 100 marks for taste. These have 100% pranic energy. So they get another 100 marks for pranic energy. These have 100% nutrients. So they get another 100 marks for nutrients. So, totally the first type of food gets 300 marks. All the foods which can be eaten uncooked and raw but are also tasty come under this group.


The second type consists of all uncooked but not-so-tasty foods. For example, all sprouted grains and pulses, all tasteless fruits and vegetables belong to this group.


This type of foods contains 100% pranic energy. So, they get 100 marks for pranic energy. These contain 100 nutrients. So they get 100 marks nutrients. But these do not have taste. they get 0 marks for taste. So, these foods total 200 marks. These are grouped second type.


All cooked vegetables, spinach leaves, grains, etc. belong to this third type.

Cooked Food

When we cook a food, the taste in the food reduces by 50%. So, these foods get 50 marks for taste. Also, when a food is cooked, it loses 50% of its nutrients. So these foods get 50 marks for nutrients. Also these foods lose 50% of their pranic energy when cooked. So, these foods get 50 marks for pranic energy. So totally this type of food gets 150 marks. All cooked dishes that we normally eat come under this group.


The non-vegetarian foods come under this fourth category. Non-veg foods contain 100% nutrients. So, they get 100 marks for nutrients. There will be no pranic energy in them. So, they get no marks for pranic energy. There will be no taste in them. So, they get no marks for taste. So, non-veg. foods get a total of 100 marks. Therefore, it is good to avoid or reduce non-veg. foods as far as possible.

non veg

But, in some desert areas and hot countries, due to the non availability of plant foods, there may be a necessity to eat non- veg. foods. Anatomically, nothing wrong will happen to our body if we eat non-veg. food. But, on spiritual grounds, if our mind has developed a thought that it is a sin to kill a living being, when we eat non-veg. food, that thought will create disease in our body.

So, when non-veg. eaters eat the non- veg. food with the thought that eating it is not a sin and eat it without any confusion in their mind, then the food gets digested properly. If they eat it with the dilemma “Is it

right or wrong to eat it?” then that thought creates diseases in the body.

This is not only true for non-veg. foods. This is true for all foods. If we eat any food with the clear and strong conviction and belief that it is good for our health, then that food acts as medicine. If we eat it with the doubtful thought that it might create disease in our body, it actually creates diseases. Finally, it is advisable to avoid non- vegetarian foods.


All the narcotic drugs belong to this group. These are actually not foods. We consume some narcotics and intoxicants as if they are food items. But those items are not foods. All intoxicants such as tea, coffee, Beedi (a kind of Indian cigarette), cigarette, liquor, Paan, ganja, areca nut, etc. belong to this category.

How to know the difference between intoxicants and food items? All those items by eating which, thrice daily, we can remain alive are food items. If we cannot remain alive just by eating some items thrice daily, then those items are not food items.


Can a person remain alive just by eating coconut alone? Yes. Then coconut is a food. Can a person remain alive just by smoking cigarettes? No. Then cigarette is an intoxicant. A person can live just by eating nonveg. food alone. So, non-veg. items are food. Can a person live just by smoking Ganja? No. Then, it is an intoxicant.

Food is an item which carries nutrients from outside into our body. Intoxicant is an item which takes away the nutrients already stored in our body. Therefore, when we use a narcotic, our body will get more stamina for some specific period of time. After that, we will be without stamina. This is because the narcotic will spend away the nutrients already stored in our body and thus make us less potent. Moreover, narcotics never supply any nutrients to our body.

Therefore, we should never consume narcotics. Many people say, “I go to the doctor and take treatment for several years. But my disease has not been cured.” But, these people never reveal anything about the narcotics they use. Therefore, consuming tea, coffee, etc. is more injurious to our health than eating non-vegetarian food.

Please understand about the food types mentioned above and check which of these types you consume. As far as possible, we should move towards Type 1 foods.

Some nature-cure doctors say that we should eat only natural food all three times daily. This is very hard to follow in practice. If you keep eating only natural food thrice daily continuously for one month, saliva will flow in your tongue when you see your favourite dish. You will be tempted to eat it and you will find it very hard to resist.

To solve this problem, we offer you a simple solution in our treatment. Eat only uncooked foods in the mornings. Then the pranic energy and minerals needed by your body will be obtained in a natural way through the breakfast. Let the lunch consist of cooked food. Eat whatever dishes you want to your heart’s content during lunch. This is for satisfying your desire for taste. Since we should not eat much during the night, take only rice porridge, wheat porridge or any other porridge along with any cooked vegetable dish for dinner.

If you eat in this way, you will be eating natural food and at the same time you will have the satisfaction of eating cooked food as per your desire. Also, you will be eating porridge which is a medicine that can cure many diseases. Then, nutrients will reach our body in all the ways and it will pave the way for our being healthy forever.

There is a proverb: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!” This is the right way to a healthy life. But, what do we do? In a hurry, we eat very little food for breakfast like a beggar and rush to our office. We eat lunch in a measured way like a Minister. We eat our dinner like a King by gobbling all sorts of food. Our overeating during dinner is the main reason for our getting diseases.

The digestive power of our stomach will be more during morning hours. So, please eat your breakfast to your heart’s desire in a calm and contented way. Let the lunch be in a measured way. Reduce the amount of food intake during dinner as much as possible.

This is because we do less physical work during night time and also there will be no sunlight to help us in digesting the food. Heat is needed for our body to digest the food. We are active during the day time as we walk, run and do a lot of other works. Thus, our body gets heated up through these physical activities. Moreover, when there is

sunlight, heat energy comes into our body naturally. Therefore, we should eat more during daytime and eat less during night hours.

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