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How to get a good sleep ?

AST ImagesEnjoying a good night’s sleep is very important for your health. It will help you be happier, keep your brain sharp, strengthen your immune system, keep your waistline trim, make your skin glow and lower your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you are having trouble sleeping, there may be a very simple solution. Certain foods can greatly increase your odds of a successful night’s sleep.


Cherries contain a good amount of melatonin, the chemical that helps control the body’s internal clock. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Botany, eating a handful of cherries, especially tart cherries, a few hours before going to bed will help you sleep better.

If fresh cherries are not available, you can opt for cherry juice or even dried or frozen cherries. According to researchers from the universities of Pennsylvania and Rochester, people with chronic insomnia must drink a cup of cherry juice twice daily until their condition improves.


Drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime will also help you fall asleep. Milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the brain chemical serotonin. Tryptophan and serotonin help you drift off easily at night.

Plus, milk is a good source of calcium, which helps regulate melatonin production. Calcium is also effective in stress reduction and stabilizing nerve fibers, including those in the brain. Along with milk, you can eat other dairy products like yogurt and cheese.


Bananas have natural muscle relaxants, magnesium and potassium, that help promote sleep. The fruit is also a good source of vitamin B6, which the body needs to make the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. The high carbohydrate content in bananas will help make you sleepy as well.

  1. Mix one ripe banana with one cup of milk.
  2. Blend it thoroughly to make a tasty bedtime smoothie.
  3. Drink it at least one hour before your regular bedtime.

Another Remedy is to cut the banana into slices, boil the sliced bananas, wait for 10 minutes, then throw away the bananas, filter the boiled water and then drink as if you are having a cup of tea.  Do not mix anything.  If you wish to add jaggery you are welcome but nothing else.  No white sugar at all.


Almonds are a good source of magnesium, which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation.

Plus, almonds supply enough protein to help stabilize your blood sugar level while sleeping. They also help your body switch from your alert adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle. Eat just a handful of dry roasted almonds or a tablespoon of almond butter at least one hour before going to bed to fall asleep faster.


Lettuce contains lactucarium, which has sedative properties and works the same way as the opium poppy. Green leafy lettuce also is high in calcium that helps bring on sleep as well as potassium that is a fundamental nutrient for the nervous system.

Plus, lettuce helps treat anxiety, headaches, and muscle or joint pain that can cause restlessness throughout the night. To sleep well, you can drink a cup of lettuce tea before going to bed.

  1. Boil one or two lettuce leaves for five minutes in two cups of water.
  2. Let it cool, strain it and sweeten the mixture.
  3. Drink a cup of this tea at least half an hour before going to bed.

Yoga and Meditation

Choose gentle yoga or stretching, not vigorous power or ashtanga yoga, which could energize you instead. Try easy yoga stretches in bed followed by simple meditation. Close your eyes and, for 5 to 10 minutes, pay attention to nothing but your breathing.
Sit with folded legs and your hands on knees in mudra position and keep breathing in and breathing out and pay 100% concentration only on breathing and nothing else.  Your mind should not wander here and there.  If it keeps wandering, tell yourself I am sleeping, I am sleeping, I am sleeping as many times as possible to yourself.  When you sit and sleep, you will get a slight jerk at one point of time and your head will fall front or right or left side.  That time, you can lie and go to sleep.  You will get a very peaceful sleep.

Take a Bath

You will not have a deep sleep unless you have total comfort of the body. For this reason take a bath before going to sleep.  If you are staying in hot and humid weather, use cold water for bath for the people who stay in the cold area it is advised to use warm water.  Pour few drops of lemon juice in your bath water. Lemon fragrance invokes sleep. Even lavender, jasmine or sandalwood essential oil drops can be added to make the bath water fragrant.  But use very mild frangrance. It helps to bring sleep whereas strong smell keeps our nerve alert and makes us sleep less.

Camphor and Coconut Oil

Mix pinch of camphor with coconut oil and massage that oil on your scalp in a round about way for half an hour.  Then comb or brush your hair.  Massaging, combing and brushing increase blood circulation and supply adequate oxygen to our brain.  Camphor oil massage before going to sleep may bring a good night sleep.

Sprinkle Camphor in Bedroom

Camphor has a power to make you feel sleepy. For this reason, sprinkle little amount of camphor powder inside your bedroom to make the air full with camphor fragrant. It helps to bring a deep sleep.

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