Friday , April 26 2019

Healing by Reading – A Self Treatment


Over the last 2 years I have been following “Healer Bhaskar’s” tips and advice and have now thought of sharing those experiences with the general public, since it is going to help them discover something which they have never heard of. The art of “self treatment”. Remain young for ever. If you simply follow the the art of “self treatment” you can live for 100 years plus (though many of us perhaps don’t want to live that long).

Leave the number of years that you will live. What can be guaranteed is that you can live without any health issues, if you follow the art of “Self Treatment”.

How I stopped eating tablets for Sugar & BP ?

From the year 2000 to 2014 I was taking sugar tablets everyday. Doctor advised me in the year 2000 that if I don’t take every day, my sugar will shoot up and it may lead to multiple health problems within.

In 2014 I heard Healer Bhaskar telling the general public that there are no diseases such as Blood Sugar, BP, Chikungunya, etc. etc. He advised all sugar patients to stop taking sugar tablets and follow his anatomic therapy of self treatment. Initially I wasn’t convinced but once I got convinced, I stopped taking Sugar Tablets. It’s over 2 years now.

I now have any kind of sweets without any fear. I missed these sweets for 14 years. I face no problems whatsoever now. It’s really amazing. If you listen to the “Self Treatment” tips, you will understand how the world’s population is being fooled by the Doctors and Hospital Authorities. What I am sharing will be duly supported with solid Proof. ? No Doctors can sue me nor Healer Bhaskar for statements which will go against them.

I intend sharing the same to public at large thru FB and Youtube very soon. I am now seeking your opinion. If you want me to share the secrets, give me 1 like and 1 share of this post.

About Sridhar Venkatraman

Progressive and open minded Business Professional with over 30+ years of experience in Automobile, IT, Education, Real Estate Industries. He has a passion to ensure "No child goes to bed hungry" and is involved in an NGO called "No Hungry Child". He is a Social Entrepreneur and added a new service "Art of Self Treatment" to help more and more people who are suffering from health issues. He learnt the art of Self Treatment from his guru Mr Healer Baskar.

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