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What is High Sugar and Low Sugar ?


What is high sugar and what is low sugar? Both are the same. There is not much difference between the two. We will see now why it is so.

For example, let us say that there are 500 units of sugar in the food that a person eats. Let us assume that out of these 500, 100 become good sugars and 400 become bad sugars during the digestion. These 500 sugars mix in the blood. Let us assume that there is no stored glycogen available in his body.

What will happen now? The 100 good sugars will get insulin and enter into the cells. The 400 bad sugars will not get insulin and will be excreted through the urine. Adrenal gland will search for glycogen. Since glycogen is not available, it will not be able to supply sufficient glucose to the cells. Since sufficient sugar is not supplied, the cells will starve and the person will faint. Now, if we test sugar level in this person’s blood, the level will be low. Doctors will say that he fainted because of low sugar. But, in reality, he did not faint due to low sugar. He fainted because there was no stored glycogen available in his body.

Let us now consider another situation. 100 good sugars in the blood have gone into the cells. But the 400 bad sugars are still present in the blood and have not yet been excreted through the urine. At this point of time, the person faints due to the reason that there is no glycogen in his body when his cells needed sugar.

If you test his blood for sugar now, the sugar level will be high due to the presence of these 400 units of bad sugar. Doctor will now say that he fainted because his sugar level was high. Again, please understand that, he did not faint because his sugar level was high. He fainted only because glycogen was exhausted in his body and only bad sugar was present in his body.

What we understand from these examples is that the reason for fainting is not high sugar or low sugar. Fainting happens only when the enriched sugar called glycogen stored in the body is out of stock when needed.

To state it in simple terms, if a person faints when bad sugar is present in his body, they say that he fainted due to high sugar. If the same person faints after the bad sugar has been excreted through the urine, they say that he fainted due to low sugar. We need not bother about whether bad sugar has been excreted through the urine or not. What we need to bother about is whether there is stored stock of glycogen available in the body or not.

Therefore, it is a useless exercise to test sugar level in the blood. Some people may have low sugar but they will not faint because glycogen may be supplied whenever needed. Some people may have high sugar but they will not faint because it may be good sugar.

Some people go to the hospital and test their sugar. Before doing the test they will be very energetic. Once they know from the test report that the sugar level is 300 or 400, immediately they will experience a different feeling in their body. The reason for this is that we have recorded in our brain that sugar level should be normal in our body. If the sugar is above or below this level, our brain informs our mind that something is wrong and our mind in turn affects our body and creates the disease.

There is no necessity for sugar level to be normal for anyone in this world. It will never be and it need not be so. After we eat our food, sugar level will be high. Good sugar will get insulin. Bad sugar will not get insulin. The sugars needed by the cells will go into the cells. Bad sugars will be excreted through the urine. Excess sugars will be converted into glycogen. When all these activities keep on happening in our body all the time, if anyone measures the sugar at any point of time, it will show a random value and it will never be normal.

Sometimes when we get diseases in our body or when the body has some other important works to do, it will do the job of sending out the bad sugar through the urine with a little delay. It is also possible that the job of converting the excess good sugar into glycogen is done with a little delay. At these times, if we perform test and develop fear that the sugar level is high or low, then this fear is the actual cause of the disease and the glucose level in the blood is not the disease.

Let us assume that there are two persons in a house. Cooking will be done daily for these two persons. Suddenly when guests arrive, cooking will be done for 10 people. Now can the larger quantity of food being cooked in the kitchen be called a problem? If one of the two persons has a fever, cooking will be done in less quantity. Can the less quantity of food being cooked be called a problem?

Similarly, if the cells need more quantity of sugar, then the sugar level in the blood will increase. When the cells need less sugar, the sugar level in the blood will decrease. So, no one should compare these levels with a particular sugar level and analyze it.

Let us assume that your sugar level is normal. You are calmly sitting. If a snake is tossed on your lap, you panic with fear. Immediately if you check your sugar level, it would have crossed a high level. Does your body not have any sense? Why does it increase your sugar level?

The reason is that, in case the snake bites you, in order to throw out the poison from the body, all the cells will need sugar. Therefore, your body sends all the stored sugar into the blood. Once the snake leaves your lap, you say, “Thank God!” and the fear in your mind gets cleared. If tested after 10 minutes, your sugar level would have come back to normal. Now, please tell me, was the rise and fall in sugar level a result of any disease or was it an act of self-protection by your body?

Let us see another example. Make a small wound with a knife on the hand of a person whose sugar level is normal. The next moment, his blood sugar level will shoot up. Why? All the cells in the wounded area will start the work of curing themselves. Sugar level as well as BP level will rise whenever the cells in the body have to work or the cells have to cure their diseases. Now, if we check the blood sugar level, it will be high. Can we call it a disease?

Maintaining normal sugar level will be valid only during surgeries and during emergency situations. Before any emergency treatment, surgery, etc. it needs to be checked whether pancreas has been damaged. During such situations, medical science has established that life can be saved only if the blood sugar level is kept within a particular range.

The concept of normal sugar level was invented only for this purpose. Normal sugar level is nothing but the sugar level range that the doctors have to maintain when they perform surgical operations and during emergency times for saving lives. This is the purpose for which this principle has been taught to the doctors during their studies. Sugar medicines and tablets were developed only for this purpose.

Therefore, there is no necessity for any person to keep his sugar level normal. Only the doctors need to be concerned about it when a person is admitted in the hospital. After getting discharged from the hospital, nobody should test their sugar level. There is no need for such checks. In case anyone checks it, that checking is the cause for the disease.

Normally, sugar level should increase after eating. Then sugar will go into the cell or get converted into glycogen or be excreted through the urine. Thus, sugar level will keep on reducing and it will become normal. Then, when sugar level becomes low, the glands responsible for causing hunger will secrete. Then we eat food. Then again sugar level will rise. This is a cyclic process. During this cycle, there is no necessity to check if the sugar level is normal. In case you do not eat when you are hungry, the sugar from the cupboard will be used up.

All right, in case someone faints due to high sugar or low sugar and you bring him to me, if I tell in his ears, “Diabetes is not at all a disease. Get up!” then will he get up? No. We have to give him medicines, tablets and insulin. Only then his life can be saved.

Therefore, sugar medicines and tablets are, beyond doubt, marvelous inventions to save life. However, we should use them only during emergency situations. It is not necessary to use them on a daily basis throughout our lives.

What does a sugar medicine or tablet do? Let us assume that a person who fainted at high sugar, say 400, consumes sugar tablet. The tablet will go directly to the pancreas and order, “Give insulin to those 400 bad sugars.” Pancreas will reply, “I will not. I have insulin with me. But, I did not give insulin to those sugars because they were not properly digested. If those bad sugars go into the cells, our body parts will get diseases.”

But the sugar medicine will forcibly take insulin from the pancreas and give it to the 400 bad sugars. Sugar medicines do not convert bad sugars into good sugars. They give a bogus “Good sugar” certificate to the bad sugars.

Therefore, even though the sugar medicines are wonderful lifesaving drugs, we have to use them only during emergencies. But, the pharmaceutical companies discussed in star hotels about how to increase their business and earn more. Thus, the plan called sugar disease was created. The idea was to tell the people that sugar level should be always normal and if it is not then it is a disease. Definitely, if anyone measures his sugar level at any time, it will not be normal.

Therefore, with the idea that, if people consume medicines and tablets throughout their lives then a huge amount of money can be earned in profit, a bogus disease called sugar disease (diabetes) was invented purely for a business purpose. There is nothing such as sugar disease in this world. There is no necessity that sugar should be normal at any point of time. Therefore, please do not check the sugar level at any time.

All the doctors say that diabetes cannot be cured. It is because diabetes is not at all a disease. How can you cure something which is not a disease? We need doctors only to cure a disease and not for giving medicines and tablets for something throughout our lives and saying that it can never be cured.

When sugar medicine gives the “Good sugar” certificate to bad sugar and sends it into the cells, all the cells in the body get diseases. This is the reason why, for all sugar patients, the dosage of medicine keeps on increasing progressively as time passes.

We need not have much scientific knowledge to understand this. Let us think about just one basic point. Does the dosage of medicine consumed by the sugar patients keep on increasing or reducing? If it increases, then it only means that our disease keeps on becoming bigger and bigger. Do we need a doctor to cure our disease or to aggravate our disease? Why the dosage keeps on increasing is because all our body parts get affected when bad sugars go into the cells. So, the pancreas also gets affected as it is also a body part made up of cells.

It is said that when sugar disease comes, then all the other diseases will follow. This is totally false. The emphatic truth is that all diseases come only after we start taking medicines and tablets for the so- called “Sugar Disease”.

When sugar patients start consuming tablets, the dosage will keep on increasing. Then, all the body parts will be affected. First, the eyes will be affected. Then, some medicines and surgery will be required for the eye-related diseases. Then kidney stones will form. Then medicines and surgery will be needed for the kidney. Then some more new A diseases will appear. But the doctors will keep saying that all these diseases have come only because you did not maintain the sugar level properly. However, the fact is that, all these diseases have come only because you have maintained the sugar level normal.

Whenever there is a disease in the body, it can be cured only by increasing the sugar level. For all the people who keep their sugar level normal, their body will not be curing any disease at all. Then, will the diseases in the body increase or decrease? So, the fundamental reason for all the diseases is the controlling of sugar level.

Thus, the sugar disease is a wonderful business trick by which all the drug manufacturing companies give us medicines and tablets for controlling the sugar and thus cause all the other diseases to come to our body so that more medicines, tablets and surgeries will be needed for curing those diseases.

  • First factory to manufacture sugar was established by the British in 1866.
  • Indians used to eat jaggery before this andi seldom used to fall sick.
  • To make sugar, sulphur is used, which is used in making fire crackers.  Sulphur is an element that, once it enters the body, it cannot be excreted from our body.
  • Sugar increases cholesterol which is the main reason for heart attack.Sugar increases the weight of the body and thus we become fat.
  • Sugar increases Blood Pressure. It is also the reason for Brain damaging clots.
  • The sweetness in sugar is that of Sucrose, and this cannot be digested by human beings.
  • To make sugar, 23 harmful ingredients / chemicals are used.

✔ Sugar is one of main reasons for getting diabetes.

✔ Sugar is the reason for burning in stomach.

✔ Sugar increases the level of Triglycerides in body.

✔ Sugar is the main reason for causing Paralysis.

✔ Instead of sugar use jaggery.

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