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AIDS – Is it a curable disease ??

Types of Intelligence

Our body has two types of intelligence. One is the intelligence to destroy the disease-causing germs whenever they enter the body. The second is the intelligence to renew all the body parts periodically. If the first intelligence gets affected, then it is called AIDS. If the second intelligence gets affected, then it is called Cancer.

Whenever any disease-causing germ enters our body, Thymus gland, liver, pancreas, bone marrows, white corpuscles in the blood, kidney and all the other parts will work together and destroy that germ. When a disease-causing germ enters our body, all the body parts will together analyze and find out what is the nature of that germ, how it can be destroyed, what medicine is needed for that and they will prepare the formula for that medicine, get the raw materials needed for that medicine from the blood, prepare that medicine, apply that medicine on the disease-causing germ and destroy it.

How AIDS is getting affected to a new-born baby ?

We have already discussed about vaccine. Infants are given vaccination immediately after they are born. A vaccine for a disease will not contain any medicine to kill the germs causing the disease. It will actually contain the germs which cause that particular disease.

How do they dare to send the disease- causing germs into the body of a new-born baby? It is based on the following logic. Whenever a disease-causing germ enters our body, our body invents a medicine on its own to destroy that germ and develops a capacity for itself to fight that disease in future. Vaccination is done in order to develop that capacity in our body.

So.. AIDS – Is this a Curable disease ?

Before going to this debate.. Let me tell you that AIDS is not a disease, Just a deficiency..

What we understand from this is that, as long as our body has this intelligence, we will not get any disease due to any disease- causing germ. But, it is possible that this intelligence goes bad. What will happen then? If the body does not have the intelligence to destroy a disease-causing germ that enters inside, the germs will eat well, grow bigger and damage all the body parts. When the body parts are affected due to the intelligence of the body to fight disease-causing germs getting affected, the disease is called AIDS.

If the body has lost the intelligence to kill only one type of disease-causing germs, that disease is called AID (Acquired Immune Deficiency). If the body has lost the total ability to destroy any type of disease- causing germs, then that disease is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS disease means that the body has totally lost all the ability that it has acquired over the years to fight all types of diseases.

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