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When the hot, spicy, pungent taste touches our tongue, the tongue converts it into the pranic energy called air energy and sends it throughout our body. The body parts which work using air energy are lungs and large intestine. The external organ connected is the nose. The emotion concerned is grief.

You may observe that the nose and the lungs are similar in shape. There is a close connection between the nose and the lung. Similarly, the large intestine and the lung have a close connection. If a person has constipation, then it means that there is a problem in his lungs. That is, there is a problem in the air that he breathes. Constipation occurs only when the lung is affected.

Similarly, all those who have constipation will get lung-related diseases such as Asthma, wheezing, chest cold etc. Thus, nose, lung and large intestine are connected to each other. So, Asthma can be cured by curing the constipation. Constipation can be cured by providing the right air to the lungs.

When we hear sad news, we say that we are breathless for a minute in grief. This is because, the emotion called grief eats away much of the air energy in our body. The shortage of air energy in our body is the reason for our remaining in shock, breathlessly for a minute.

When some people are in a sad state of mind by continuously thinking about the sad demise of their close relatives or friends, they will get diseases such as asthma, wheezing, etc. quickly.

So, we have to understand that there is connection between hot, pungent and spicy taste, air energy, lung, large intestine and grief. Only a doctor who has understood this can cure the diseases occurring in these body parts. The doctors who do not know this will keep on prescribing medicines and tablets for several years but no disease will be cured.

Asthma patients sometimes get breathing trouble due to excessive breathing. At that time, if they eat items such as pickle, Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper), etc. which are hot, pungent and spicy in taste, the intensity of asthma will come down. But those having constipation and those having asthma are being advised by the doctors to avoid eating hot and spicy items. This is a completely wrong advice. Whoever gives more work to the lungs, they will need more air energy through hot and spicy taste.

When orators, professors and teachers keep on talking for long durations, their lungs will be overworked. This will exhaust the air energy in the body. So, the doctor called tongue will ask for eating more hot and spicy taste so that more air energy can be taken from the taste.

Therefore, please eat all the foods having hot, pungent and spicy taste that is asked for by your tongue and is liked by your mind.

For constipation and for lung-related diseases such as Asthma, wheezing etc, according to the home remedy of our grandmother, consuming of shallots, black pepper, basil leaves (Tulsi leaves), Karpuravalli leaves (Coleus Ambonicus), ginger juice, etc. is recommended. Please observe that all these are spicy items. However, we have to keep in mind that if those having constipation eat excess of spicy, pungent items, then the disease will become bigger.

Therefore, in order to define a quantity, we give a guideline. The amount of hot, spicy and pungent taste needed by your tongue is the right amount for you. In the same house, different people will need different amounts of pungent taste. Therefore, please change the thought that those who eat spicy, pungent items will get diseases.

When we eat each taste according to the needed quantity, we can live a healthy life.


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