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How do the Cells Function ?


A car needs petrol to run. A fan needs electric current for rotating. Once the petrol is exhausted, the car will stop immediately. Once the electricity is cut, immediately the fan will stop running. Why does a new car or a new fan stop functioning? All things in the world work using a fuel. Once the fuel is exhausted, the device stops functioning.

Similarly, each cell in the body functions using a fuel. Our body is made up of several millions of houses called cells and several millions of kilometres length of road called the blood veins. Now, imagine that the cells are houses and the blood vein is a road. If you see a city from a helicopter, you will see several millions of houses and several roads. Similarly, our body consists of several millions of houses called cells and roads called blood vessels.

Inside the tiny cell, there is a stove. It is called Mitochondria. This stove needs a fuel called sugar. The house called cell will open its door and it will take sugar from the blood. Sugar is also called glucose. Air is also needed for the fuel called sugar to burn in the cell. Therefore, the cell opens its door and brings oxygen from the blood and keeps the sugar in the stove called Mitochondria and burns it.

A candle needs air to burn. If you put a glass over a burning candle, the candle will stop burning. Similarly, sugar alone cannot burn. It needs oxygen to burn. When the fuel namely sugar and the air namely oxygen burn in the stove called mitochondria inside the cell, a fire is created. This fire creates Pranic Energy. This energy is also called life force, cosmic energy, life power, etc. You must have heard a lot about pranic power in trainings such as yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, etc. This is the scientific explanation for that energy.

All the cells in all the body parts from head to toe do only this work. Sugar and oxygen are the essential foods for the cells to remain alive. The cells in the eyes eat sugar and oxygen and use the pranic energy they get through it to do the function of seeing. The cells in the bones eat sugar and oxygen and use the pranic energy derived from them to do the function of the bones. The cells in the heart eat sugar and oxygen and use the pranic energy received from them to do the function of the heart.

What we understand from this is that, all the cells throughout our body eat the same food but they do different jobs. It is similar to all the members in a house eating the same food but doing different jobs.
For lighting our stove, we open the door of our house, go to the road, go to a shop and get firewood. After the firewood is burnt in the stove it becomes cinder. Cinder is not useful to us as it is a waste. So, we open the door of our house and dump the cinders in the dust bin on the road.

We go to the shop, get fruits and vegetables and bring them into our house. After we use their edible parts we take the waste material outside the house and dump it in a dust bin.

In the same way, the log of wood namely sugar is taken into the house called cells. After the sugar is burnt, it becomes the waste material called urea and it comes back to the blood. Oxygen, after entering the cell becomes carbon-dioxide, comes out of the cell and gets mixed in the blood. So, good things as well as bad things can be found in the road namely blood vessels in our town called body.

We collect the good things from the place where these are available and transport them through the vehicles to each house. We collect the waste material dumped in front of each house and transport it through garbage collection vans out of the town.

So, we can find on the road the vehicles transporting good material and also the vehicles transporting waste material. Similarly, in the road called blood, there will be vehicles carrying good material and there will also be vehicles carrying waste materials such as sweat, urine, etc

The blood will thus contain good things as well as bad things. A cell depends solely on the blood for being alive, for being healthy and for curing itself from diseases. The blood is the only basic source of supply for all the needs of the cells.

Let us assume that there are ten houses in a street. Will all the ten house-owners buy the same types of things from the shopping mall? No. Will all of them dump the same type of waste material every day? No. How many people live in each house? What are their needs? What are their living styles? Depending on all these factors, the things they buy will be different. The waste materials from the different houses also will be different from each other.

In the same way, when millions of cells assemble together, the items needed by the different cells will be different and the waste materials from the different cells will also be different.

When you go to the provision shop, do you buy the same types of items every day? No! In the same way, each house called cell will take different types of items from the blood every single second depending on its job, its disease and many other such factors. The cell will also dump different types of wastes into the blood.

The blood is the basic necessity for a cell to be alive, to be healthy and to cure itself from diseases. All the cells in all the parts in our body from the head to the toe live their lives depending solely on the nutrients in the blood.

Each cell has got its own individual intelligence. Each cell functions on its own, independently. Each cell has the intelligence to renew itself and also to cure itself from all diseases. Thus, the diseases that come to the cells cannot be cured by treating the cells. The diseases that come to the cells are nothing but the deficiencies in the blood.

So far we have seen in detail about what our body is made up of, what the cells are, what the blood vessels are, etc. Now, we are going to see about the diseases in detail.

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