Friday , April 19 2019

How to have a normal delivery


All the ladies, when they get pregnant, go to the hospital, take scans, consume medicines and tablets and go for walking. In spite of their doing all these, why is the child born with deficiency ? Wny does a caesarean delivery happen ?

Has any lady gone to the doctor and questioned him, “From the day I became pregnant till the day of delivery, I have been consulting you. I have been sincerely following all your instructions. I have consumed all the medicines and tablets that you have prescribed. Then why did I have a caesarean delivery ? Why was my child born with deficiency ?

If a doctor does not know about the five things we have mentioned earlier, he cannot ensure a normal delivery. Not only the doctor but also the mother who delivers the child should know about these five things. Only then that mother can have a normal delivery.

Therefore, if all mothers learn from this reading about how to keep these five things in proper condition and follow these guidelines, then they can definitely have a normal delivery in their house itself. A mother can give birth to a healthy and normal baby without taking any scan, without consuming any medicines or tablets and without consulting any doctor. Those who read this post from the beginning to the end will learn this trick. Therefore, you can learn the best way for a normal and healthy delivery by reading this post completely.

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