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Illuminati controls the world health programmes

Many times in the past I have talked about Illuminati who are controlling the world health programmes.  Long ago, say between 1980-90, the fasting blood sugar level, if it crossed 200, they would be rated as Diabetic Patients.  This did not bring big business for the Pharmaceutical Companies.  Then a decision was taken to reduce it to 140 and about 18% of business grew thereafter and this wasn’t enough for them.  Then they brought it down to 120 and about 36% of business grew.  But when it was brought down to 100, Indians were the most badly hit population with 60% of the Indians were named as Diabetic Patients.  Who were the people who decide the levels?  Chief of six pharmaceutical companies in the world decides this level.

Like this to ensure that people fall sick, they started funding companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hindustan Lever, Colgate and so on.  When people eat junk food and use the products of these multi national companies, they fall sick.  The strategy therefore is very clear that if people are unhealthy, Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies can survive.  If you are healthy, where on earth they can do business.

Without knowing this realty, people fall prey and start giving huge business to them.  In the early 2000, the test report requirement was not as necessary as now.  Even if you go to Doctor for a very minor problem, you are asked to take blood and urine tests and only then they can create fear in your mind so that you beg, borrow or steal but in order to save your life, you will not mind spending that money.

Coming to the video in the Whatsapp for which some group members wanted some clarity on the same, the message given here is about the Dengue Disease.  How is this being created ? Who is the reason behind this disease ?

The person talking in the video says, it is created by the Pest Control people who comes to spray at the colonies, slums and other locations on the pretext of killing mosquitoes.  The natures creation is such that where deers are there, you can see the cheetahs and tigers around because deers are the food for them.  Similarly to eat mosquitoes, there are creatures like frogs, butterflies, etc.  When this pesticide is sprayed to kill the mosquitoes, the other creatures are also getting killed in the bargain.  Mosquitoes will come back to life in about 5-7 days whereas the other creatures like frogs and butterflies takes longer time to come to life to eat these mosquitoes.  Why this strategy to kill the creatures which kills mosquitoes ? Try to understand.  Only then, products like All Out, Goodnight and other mosquito coils can get sold.  In a house if there are 4 rooms and if 4 All Outs are purchased imagine what kind of sales volume will be there.  This is what the person in the video says.

He continues to remind us about the ads which used to come in theatres and TVs long ago.  The ad was talking about why we should not use charcoal, salt, pepper and powder to brush our teeth and instead change over to tooth paste.   Now after we all changed over from the traditional ayurveda powder to colgate tooth paste or any other tooth paste now ads are coming asking us whether these tooth pastes have got salt in it or not.  If not, then use this tooth paste which has salt in it is what is being promoted.  So what’s happening in the bargain.  These MNCs took away ayurveda traditional practices from us long ago and comes back to say use those in their refined forms.

Please note if people eat flouride, they will die.  But the same is now added in tooth paste and we are brushing our teeth.  This is nothing but poison.  Since we brush our teeth using this flouride, we are bound to get mouth ulcers.

So the message that he wants to convey is that, we are getting fooled and let us be aware of this and start using the natures creativity and use natural products for your daily life.

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