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Fat is present in all the food that we eat. Generally, people say that fat is present only in oily items and coconut. But, fat is present not only in these items but also in all the other foods. If fat-related items get digested well and mix in the blood, then it is good fat. If fat-related items do not get digested properly and then the improperly digested ones mix in the blood, it is called bad fat.

Properly digested fats are called good cholesterol and improperly digested fats are called bad cholesterol. Doctors give them the names HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) respectively.

If the fat in the food that we eat is properly digested, then it is called good fat or good cholesterol or HDL. The fat which is not digested properly is called bad fat or bad cholesterol or LDL. So, please do not be afraid of the terms HDL and LDL. Good fat is HDL and bad fat is LDL.

When improperly digested fats i.e. bad fats (LDL) mix in the blood, they get stagnated here and there and form as tumors. These are called fatty tumors, fat globules, or Lipoma. If the bad fats in the blood get deposited to the walls of the blood veins, the passage inside the veins for the movement of blood gets blocked and this can cause increase in the blood pressure. Whichever body parts bad fats enter into, all those body parts will get diseases. Liver will take this bad fat, convert it into bile and store it in gall bladder.

In order that the food that we eat gets digested in the stomach, bile should be supplied by the gall bladder. Bile is a fluid that helps in the process of digestion. Bile which is created using bad fat cannot do the job of digestion properly. When bad fat (bad cholesterol) goes to the heart and clogs the passage at various locations, it is called heart blockage. Therefore, the only reason for fat globules, rise in blood pressure, improper digestion, blockage in the heart, etc. is the fact that improperly digested fat items in the food that we eat mix in the blood.

There are doctors who cut and remove the fat globules. But, after removing it through surgery, do they teach you the proper way of consuming fat items from then on so that good fats mix in the blood? Do the doctors who prescribe medicines and tablets to control the increasing BP teach you the methods by which bad fat can be removed from the blood veins and good fat from the food we eat goes into the blood?

Doctors remove the four or five blocks in the heart through bypass surgery and angioplasty using balloon, etc. Treatment is given only for taking out bad fats and blocks from the heart. But, nobody teaches the technique as to how the fat-related items that we eat can be digested and mixed as good fat in the blood. Instead of this, they advise us, “Do not eat any fat-related item from now on. Do not add fat to your food at all.” After listening to this advice, many people stop eating fat-related items. All these people end up getting a bigger disease after some time. This is because fat is an item that is very essential for all the parts of the body.

Wherever two cells touch each other in our body, only if the paste-like fats are present between the two cells as covering material and packing material, the cells can function properly. Thus, fat materials are present between any two cells. There will always be an oily matter on the surface of our skin. This is also a kind of fat. This oily paste is the wonderful shield that protects us from skin-related diseases. Moreover, 80% of the fat matter from the blood is absorbed by the liver, converted into bile and stored in the gall bladder. When all the food we eat enters the stomach, bile must be secreted for digesting it.

When it is so, is it right to say that we should not eat fat which is such an essentially needed item for all the body parts from head to toe? Only those doctors who do not know the role played by the fat in our body will advise us not to eat fat items.

Therefore, please do not be afraid of consuming fat items. Fat is an important and essential item required by our body. Because we do not know how to properly digest the fat in the food, bad fat goes into the body and creates disease. But, not eating fat at all is not the solution for this. The proper and correct treatment by the doctor should be to teach the technique of how to eat fat-related items so that they get converted into good fat.

Therefore, in our treatment, fat-related diseases can be cured only if those having fat-related diseases eat oily dishes, coconut, etc. We will teach you the secret technique of how to eat fat-related items. By following this, you can cure all fat-related diseases just by eating oily dishes, coconut and other fat- related items.

Doctors advise you not to eat coconut- related items. This is funny. Coconut is one of the best foods in the world. Coconut is given as sacred offering to God and distributed to devotees in temples. Just think whether a bad thing will be offered to God. Coconut contains all the minerals and all the other good things needed for the body. Coconut is one of the best natural foods available to mankind. Why should we not eat such a food?

Our forefathers used to drink a mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar, and drive away all the diseases. Ask your grandfather or grandmother. They will tell you what a life-saving medicine is this mixture of coconut and palm sugar.

Therefore, whatever disease anyone gets, he can cure it by drinking the mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar. This solution is the one medicine which can cure all the diseases. In olden days, whenour forefathers took a sick person struggling for life to a doctor and when the doctors tried all the medicines and still were not able to cure the disease, the coconut milk medicine was administered as the last resort.

The coconut milk that we refer to is not the colorful hot coconut milk that is sold in all the streets nowadays. The coconut milk is prepared in a unique way. In southern districts of Tamil Nadu in India, for preparing a dish called “Sodhi”, coconut granule is made by grating the coconut. If we press this grated material firmly on our palm and add a little water, we will get a milk-like solution. As per age-old medicine, if we give one glass of this coconut milk to a patient struggling for life and given up by the doctor,he will survive.

Thus, our forefathers used to save lives using the coconut milk. But now if our grandfather or grandmother is struggling for life, we give cow’s milk to them and snatch away their lives! Therefore, hereafter, do not give cow’s milk to anyone struggling for life. Save their lives by giving coconut milk.

Therefore, coconut is not an item to be avoided at all. By learning the technique as to how to eat the coconut so that it gets digested well and is converted into good fat, just by eating coconut, all those having fat- related diseases can be cured of their diseases.

Some people are scared of seeing oily dishes. Oil is an absolutely essential item that is needed by our body. So what is there to fear about it? We add oil in our food because our body needs fat. Therefore, please do not be afraid of oily dishes. The problem lies in the fact that we are not able to digest even ordinary oil. There is no problem with the oily dish.

We are now going to learn how to eat oily dishes and oil-related items so that it can be converted into good fat. So, from now on, we can cure all fat-related diseases just by eating oil dishes and oil-relatedn items.

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