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How to lose weight in AST method of treatment ?

Weight loss programme – Lose 3 Kgs to 20 Kgs in 30 days time. 

A large group of people have shown interest in reducing their weight and we are happy to note that.  Before we get on to the subject, you need to understand what is Art of Self Treatment and why are we doing what we are doing ?

About the organization

logo-ast-1Art of Self Treatment (AST) is a Registered Trust located at JP Nagar, Bangalore.  The objective of this organization is to educate people at large to follow the home remedies and avoid alopathy and alternate medicines which are being sold in the market.  Looking at your weakness to take care of your health, these pharma companies, doctors, hospitals are making business out of you.  All of us know about it but we are helpless as we do not know what to do.

This is one of the reason why AST was born.  We are here to educate people that you don’t have to go to Doctors, Hospitals and buy medicines to treat yourself.  You can treat on your own.  Body is our best Doctor and our own body knows how to take care of itself.  It is too intelligent.  Start believing that your body has the power to understand and treat on its own and the rest will happen automatically.

About the Founder Trustee

clean-7Mr Sridhar is the Founder Trustee of this organization and he was a diabetic patient by himself.  He was advised to take 2 tablets every day till his death and he was having these tablets for 14 long years until he discovered that diabetes can be cured by following home remedies and some simple techniques of eating food.  He followed that about 3 years ago and now he is completely cured.  He keeps eating sweets lavishly now and has no health problems at all.

He is maintaining his health quite well and he looks very young now.  After this experience, he decided to educate the society and through forming Whatsapp groups, he has treated hundreds of people who are quite satisfied with the home remedies suggested by him and there are “N” number of testimonials he has received.

About weight loss programme

Adnan-then-and-nowHundreds and thousands of people are paying through the nose for reducing their weight by attending so many weight loss programs.  The average spend of a person is anywhere between Rs. 3000 to 1 lac depending upon their weight.  Over and above this, they have to sacrifice a lot on their diet, daily routines, etc.  Some people undergo 4-5 hrs work out and some of the celebrities have spent over 8 hrs work out to become slim.  People like Adnan Samy have spent years and also spent huge amount of money to bring down his weight.   What needs to be appreciated about this person is the determination to lose weight despite being so ugly in the first place.  He lost 167 Kgs in about 16 months.  For a person of this size, our treatment also will respond and it would have taken probably 9-12 months.

To gain confidence of people we have commenced the Weight Loss programme for whatsapp group members and large group of people have shown interest so far from different groups.   This group is a reasonable sample size to prove to yourself that if the treatment suggested is working for majority of the people and if a few are not seeing result, it is definitely an indication to point out that there is nothing wrong in the remedy.  The one who has not seen result should understand that it has got something to do with their implementation.   Having said this, since the technique used for weight loss is a very simple one, we are confident that all will reduce a minimum of 3 kgs in a month to about 10-20 kgs a month.  Past experience says that.

How do we monitor your weight loss ?

weighing machineEvery participant who has shown interest in reducing weight should commence the treatment on example 5th of Oct 2017 and end on 4th Nov 2017.  For some of them the dates are different.   Some of them are being asked to start on 7th of Oct, 10th of Oct and so on.  Exactly 30 days they have to follow the treatment suggested.

Before starting the treatment, you should have checked your weight on a weighing machine.  The picture of the same should be sent through whatsapp on the day when you are beginning the treatment and thereafter every 1 week, you should post it in the group.  Those who are not posting the images will be disqualified from the contest.  4 weeks is the treatment, so 4 such images should have been posted in the group for everyone to see.   Those who are willing to follow this monitoring system need only participate in this.  Others who cannot post their images need not take part in this contest, since we cannot guarantee results.  Every week on checking your weight loss, we will be advising you accordingly depending upon the progress and for this these images are a must.

Our office will keep a close watch on the progress, they will be interacting with you privately in whatsapp and they may also call you to check how things are going.  Please extend your cooperation to them.

Recent Video Testimonial

Registration formalities

The registration fee for this weight loss programme is Rs. 200 per participant.  For some of you who are new and who are yet to see AST in full swing and if you have doubts whether we will take this money and results are not guaranteed, you have the liberty of paying the same after you have seen results but when you pay after the results, you should be willing to make a payment of Rs. 500 and not Rs. 200.

I am sure not all will prefer to go for Rs. 500 and some of you would surely like to take advantage of the price by paying Rs. 200

What after getting the results if we don’t pay Rs. 500 ?

Our past experience says, no one will do this if they see results.  People will not pay only if they are unable to implement the remedies suggested.  People who are serious will follow the remedy strictly and will ensure they will get result.

Inspite of getting result, if people don’t pay Rs. 500, then we will remove them from the group.  Those people are the losers of getting deprived of more benefits from us.

We hope every one knows the story about “Golden Goose”.  There was a hen which was hatching golden egg every day.  The owner of the hen thought, he will get more golden egg if he cuts the stomach of the hen.  He did that.  The end result was that even one golden egg which the hen was giving was lost.  Here the loser is the owner of the hen, right ?

How should the payment be made ?

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.15.22 PM

The Remedies are given below which is password protected.  Once you make the payment, you need to whatsapp our office on 821 741 5846 or 855 301 5850 with transaction ID or screen shot of the payment.  You will then be given password immediately thereafter and you can open the page to see the remedies posted there.

Money Back Guarantee

Inspite of following the remedies, and posting images every week and if you have properly responded to our whatsapp queries after we start the programme,  incase you don’t lose weight then we will refund your money.  We are confident about our remedies that you will surely reduce your weight.  Now it’s upto you to respond.


Here is the remedy to lose weight

Click the following image to take you to the Remedies Page.

Reduce your weight by 10 Kgs in just 30 days time


About Sridhar Venkatraman

Progressive and open minded Business Professional with over 30+ years of experience in Automobile, IT, Education, Real Estate Industries. He has a passion to ensure "No child goes to bed hungry" and is involved in an NGO called "No Hungry Child". He is a Social Entrepreneur and added a new service "Art of Self Treatment" to help more and more people who are suffering from health issues. He learnt the art of Self Treatment from his guru Mr Healer Baskar.

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