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How to lose or gain weight through self treatment ?

fatWhatever I am going to tell you now will be either shocking or surprising or you will not believe it instantly.  If you read this article with a doubt in mind and if you do not follow what I am going to tell you, I cannot assure weight loss or gain for you in any other better and simple English than this.

First try to understand why we are gaining weight?  Why are we becoming fat ? Why am I having a fat belly ? Isn’t it embarrassing for you if someone asks you why are you so fat ? Ofcourse, yes.  Then what you try to do generally is to go after some fitness centre or to a Doctor or to a Wellness centre spend a lot of money in the hope of reducing your weight.  There are some companies which are giving you some tablets and are promising weight reduction.  Some people buy these tablets and get a quick weight loss relief but develop some other problems.  If you consume any tablets or capsules or supplements, you will not lose weight but on the contrary you will become more fat.  If you have seen some one having reduced his weight after taking just medicines, see him after couple of months, he would be suffering from some other health problems.  So don’t get carried away with advertisements on tablets, wellness and fitness centres and there is absolutely no need to pay so much money to reduce weight.

Out in the world, people are saying, you avoid oily items like Bajji, Bonda, Dosas, it will do a lot good.  This is absolutely wrong.  You must have as much as oily food items in order to increase or decrease fat.  I am going to tell how by eating Bajjis and Bondas, you can reduce and increase weight.

Fat is very important for your body.  Our body is the best doctor.  If the food items that you are taking every day are not getting digested properly, then you get several diseases.

Sugar is available in all the items that we eat every day.  Rice has sugar, Wheat has sugar, every item that we eat has Sugar, Calcium, Sodium, Iodine, Fat, etc.  Just imagine, as soon as you get admitted in a hostipal, the duty doctor there gives you “Glucose” first.  Glucose is nothing but Sugar.  If Sugar in the body is so dangerous as Doctors claim, then ask them a question, why are they giving Glucose.  The word glucose is a “medical word” and that’s it.  But it is nothing but Sugar.  For our body, sugar is very important.

  • If the sugar item that you consume does not get digested properly, you will get sugar related diseases.
  • If Calcium, sodium, Iodine, related food items does not get digested properly, you will get Thyroid disease.
  • If fat products like Bajji, Bonda, Vada, Poori, etc. does not get digested properly, you will gain weight.
  • If Vitamin A items do not get digested properly, you will get eye disease.
  • If Vitamin D items do not get digested properly, you will get Bone diseases.
  • If Vitamin B items do not get digested properly, you will get skin diseases.
  • If Vitamin K items do not get digested properly, your blood count will reduce and you will get all types of diseases.

How do we know whether food is digested properly or not ?

  • While eating food, we open our mouth and eat which is wrong practice.  If you open your lips and eat food, it will not get digested properly. If you drink water inbetween or if you have food without being hungry, the digestion will be improper.  If you watch TV, attend cell phones, keep talking while eating food, the digestion will be improper.  All these are bad practices and that’s one of the reasons for all human beings to get several diseases.
  • We should always close our lips, munch and chew the food properly, convert the same to a liquid Saliva and then drink it.  If you chew 32 times, close your lips white eting and then drink the saliva of the food, it will get digested properly.

So what do we have to do to ensure that the food we eat is digested properly.   The advise and tips given here are given to people who are fat and slim.   However, others who are reading this article will also get benefited.  People who are very thin and wants to gain weight can also follow this guidelines and all of them will start gaining weight.

Sesame Oil Drops and Oil Pulling

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, before you brush your teeth, take two drops of Sesame Pure Oil.
  • Give 5 minutes gap and then brush your teeth.
  • After brushing your teeth, give another 5 minutes gap and take two spoons of Sesame Pure Oil and hold it in your mouth for about 5 minutes.  Keep playing with the oil inside your mouth by pushing the oil to left, right, up and down of your mouth but do not drink the same.  After 5 minutes, spit the oil out of your mouth.

The challenge for you is getting the Pure Sesame Oil.  Please read this article before you proceed any further.

Luke warm Water

Once the brushing, oil drops and oil pulling is done, have two glasses of luke warm water.  Do not over heat the water.  Do not use Mineral Water or RO Water or any other Purified water.  All those are lifeless and is not going to do anything great for your body.  Always drink only tap water supplied by Cauvery or any other river.  Do not be under the impression or have any doubts on purity of water.  We do not have to take only purified water.  Buying water, drinking bottled water is sheer waste of money.  Your body has tremendous power to fight any kind of bacterias, so drink only tap water.  As said earlier, don’t over heat the water.

Do this exercise 5 times every day

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.50.15 PM

  • Lie down flat in the position that you are seeing in the picture.
  • Right and left hand should be on the floor as you are seeing in the picture.
  • Lift both the legs to half a feet or one feet above the ground.
  • It’s not going to be easy in the beginning.  Yet you should do this.
  • When you lift the legs above like this, your stomach will start trembling and shivering.
  • Hold it for atleast 60 seconds every time you lift your legs.  Do the seconds counting in your mind.
  • In the initial stages, you may not be able to hold it for more than 10 seconds. Don’t worry. Don’t give up. Just keep trying.
  • Over a period of 3-4 days of such an exercise, you will start holding the feet above the ground level for 60 seconds.
  • Like this do it 5 times every day.  10 times will give you faster result.
  • The belly exercise should be done by both who are Slim and Fat.  Fat people will become slim and trim and Skinny people will become slim and trim.
  • That’s the secret of this exercise.

Eat Banana and Coconut

banana coconut pieces

  • After the exercise, give a 5 minutes gap and have One banana and 5 pieces of Coconuts which are similar to the pics shown here.
  • Have this every day, you will start losing your weight in about 30 days time.  You can keep checking your weight periodically.

Start your regular routine

Once the exercise is over, you can have your coffee or tea and then breakfast.  If you can avoid coffee and tea, nothing like it, but it is not mandatory.  If you give up, it’s going to be great.

When and how to have your breakfast ?

  • If you have your breakfast before taking bath, then for proper digestion to take place, you must give 2 hrs 30 minutes time and only then you should take bath.
  • If you take bath and then have breakfast, you must give 45 mts time to have breakfast.  So if you are a busy man or woman, it is advisable that you have your breakfast after bath.  Waiting for 45 minutes is much more easier than waiting for 2 1/2 hours.

How to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner ?

  • Breakfast generally should be raw items like raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, etc.
  • Do not take any cooked food such as Idli, Dosa, etc. It’s not good to have cooked food in the morning.
  • Half an hour before breakfast you can drink water and half an hour after breakfast you can drink water. While having breakfast, lunch or dinner, you should never drink water. It will spoil the digestion.
  • Always sit on the floor and have your food.
  • If you are seated on the dining table, fold both your legs on the chair and sit, as if you are sitting on the floor.
  • Do not put your legs down and eat.  You should never do this.
  • You should have lunch only when you feel hungry.  Do not have lunch just because, it is lunch time.  Don’t look at the watch and eat your lunch.  The body will tell you in it’s own language that you are hungry and you need food. Take food then.
  • By mistake, if you eat chilly and there is a need for you to drink water to quench the hot, pour the water inside your mouth, rinse properly and spit it out.  Do not drink.
  • For proper digestion of your food, you should always have water only after half an hour.
  • During lunch time, there is no restriction of food.  You can have anything, everything that you like to eat but you must always chew your food.
  • Remember these two golden phrases.  Drink Food and eat Water.
  • Don’t talk and eat. Don’t attend to cell phones while eating. Don’t watch TV while eating.
  • Respect your food. Pray and thank the one who prepared food and has given you.

Drink Food and eat Water because Food is your “Medicine”.

  • Why am I saying you should drink food and eat water.
  • 8 out of 10 people will do the other way.  They just put the food item inside the mouth, chew it 3-5 times in your mouth, enjoy the taste of the food and then gulp it inside.
  • This is wrong way of eating.
  • God has given us 32 teeth.  He has designed the teeth with a plan in his mind.  Use the teeth to the fullest.
  • Chew your food 32 times inside your mouth, convert the solid food to a Saliva inside your mouth and then drink it.
  • Similarly, do not drink water at one stretch. Enjoy the water by pouring small quantity of water inside your mouth, hold it for some time in your mouth and then drink.
  • Don’t do bottoms up of water.
  • Don’t open your lips and keep eating and munching which produces some music and noise.
  • Instead, close your lips and eat which is a very good practice, good manners and most people like to see people eating in this disciplined manner.
  • In Western countries, the children are fined if they open their lips and eat.  Children are given proper education on “how to eat food properly”.

Quit Smoking, stop drinking liquor

  • If you are pretty serious about your weight reduction, even if you find it difficult, you have no choice but to quit smoking and drinking with immediate effect.
  • You can’t say, you will reduce the number of cigarrettes from 10 to 8 to 5 to 3 to 1 to nil.
  • You have to quit instantly and there is no other choice.
  • If you can’t quit smoking and drinking, then don’t follow anything that is said above.
  • If you follow everything that is said here, but, if you don’t quit smoking and drinking, it will be like having best practices to lose a war.


  • Avoid taking heavy dinner.
  • Just have as many glasses of Porridge made out of Boiled Rice that you can take.  1 or 2 glass will be stomach full. 2 glasses should be good enough.
  • In local language it is called “Ganji” in Kannada and “Kanji” in Tamil.
  • Once dinner is over, give half an hour gap and then have lukewarm water.
  • Do not drink cold water.
  • Before going to bed, brush your teeth once again and have one glass of Luke warm water and hit the bed.

If you follow this for 90-120 days, people who are fat, will lose weight and come to normalcy and people who are slim and think will put on weight.

If you are true to your conscious and reduce or increase weight after 90 days, you must do the following two things:

(a) Give me a Video Testimonial

(b) Donate whatever amount you feel like to nohungrychild.   Donations can be made by clicking here. 


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