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tap waterThere is a lot of confusion for many people in this matter. Some say that we should drink at least two litres of water every day. Some others say that five litres is the right quantity. Some others say that it is three litres. Many doctors prescribe that we should drink some specific quantity of water every day. All those who measure and drink water in this way should understand that you will get all the diseases concerned with the kidney.

There is no compulsion that a person should drink a specific quantity of water every day. If you drink two litres of water in cold countries such as Switzerland, Norway, etc. your kidney will be damaged within a week. On the other hand, two litres of water daily will not at all be sufficient for the people living in deserts.

A person who is engaged in the job of laying roads from morning to evening under the hot sun on the hot tar, wearing boots and helmet will definitely need more than five litres of water in a day. However, for a computer engineer who works in the air- conditioned room, one litre per day will be enough. When a person who works on the road on a particular day travels with his friend in an air-conditioned car the next day his water requirement would change.

Thus, nobody can accurately say how much quantity of water a human being should drink in a day. The quantity will vary depending on his age, height, weight, weather, country, his mental state, his work, the rooms or places where he works, air- conditioning, etc. So, we cannot accept that a person should compulsorily drink a specific quantity of water in a day. If someone drinks under the compulsion that a definite quantity of water should be consumed in a day, his kidney will be overloaded and will get damaged.

All right, then how to find out how much quantity of water a person should drink in a day? I do not know. Neither do you. Then who knows? Only your body knows. So, we should drink water only when we feel thirsty. When you feel thirsty, you should drink as much quantity of water as you like, as per your heart’s desire. Then we should forget about water and keep doing our work. When we feel thirsty again, only then we should drink water again.

Those people in cold areas will get thirsty about four times in a day. Each time, if they drink a quarter of a litre of water, their thirst will be quenched. In hot areas, people will feel thirsty ten times in a day. Each time half a litre of water will be required. When a person living in a cold area today goes to a hot area tomorrow, his thirst level will change. So, all the people who drink water under the compulsion that they should drink a specific quantity of water every day are actually drinking water more or less than the actual requirement of their body. This excess or shortage of water causes diseases in their body.

Therefore, please do not measure the water you drink. When you feel thirsty you should drink as much water as required and you should drink water again when you feel thirsty again, to the extent of requirement. If you do so, your body will inform you how much water is needed today and it will receive that much water. This is the right quantity of water that we should drink every day.

Some doctors say that we should drink a lot of water. All those who drink more than the required quantity of water are likely to have their kidney unnecessarily over worked and damaged. Just because of our doctor’s advice if we drink water without feeling thirsty, we are abusing our kidneys.

When the kidney is engaged in some work, we will not get the feeling of thirst. If we drink water when we are not feeling thirsty, our kidney will stop doing the other work and start the work of digesting the water that we drink. When it completes digesting the water that we drank unnecessarily and goes back to the other work, if we drink water again, the work of kidney will be disturbed again and there is a possibility of kidney stone formation. In the long run, our kidney itself could be damaged.

Similarly, kidney will be damaged even if we do not drink water when we feel thirsty. Thirst is nothing but the language spoken by the kidney to us. Whenever the kidney needs water, it will create the feeling of thirst in us. If we drink water at that time, the kidney will digest it in the proper way.

Some people buy a ticket and sit in a bus for a long journey. When they take their seat they may feel thirsty. But they think, “Let me go home and drink water” and they travel without drinking water. Then they go home after several hours and then drink water.

For all these five hours, if we do not supply water to our body when it keeps on asking for water, then our kidney starts taking away the water from all the body parts. This can cause diseases in all the body parts.

So, we should drink water immediately when we feel thirsty. If we do not do so, it will cause diseases. Similarly, we should not drink water when we do not feel thirsty. If we drink water without feeling thirsty, this also will cause diseases.

Therefore, please understand that it is not necessary that we should drink a specific quantity of water every day. Moreover, please do not pay heed to the advice that diseases will be cured if we drink a large amount of water.

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