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mother eatingWhenever a mother sits along with her children and eats, her food will not get digested properly. Some mothers ask me, “When I sit along with my child and eat, why should my food not get digested properly?”

When a mother eats along with her child, she will be concentrating only on the child and she will not focus her attention on her food. She will keep on guiding her child by saying, “Do not talk while eating”,” “Sit properly and eat”, “Do not spill the food”, etc. If a mother looks after the child or keeps feeding the child and also eats her own food at the same time, the child will eat the food well but the mother’s food will not be digested properly due to her lack of focus on her own food.

So, a mother should not sit along with her children and eat. All the mothers should first serve the food to their children and to all

the other members of the family, see that all of them eat satisfactorily and then sit alone and eat happily. Also, she should not eat while serving food to others. If she eats in that way, her attention will only be on whether others are eating properly and not on her own food and so her food will not get digested properly.

Mothers having infants sometimes eat their food while having the baby on their lap and playing with them. This is not proper. Some children keep on coming near the mother and troubling her when she eats her food. At that time, when she keeps on taking care of the child and controlling the child as she eats her food, her food does not get digested properly.

Therefore, all the mothers having small babies should leave them under the care of someone else and eat their food focussing their full attention on the food.

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