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Natural Remedies for Astigmatism

AstigmatismBasically, astigmatism is a medical term used to describe the condition in which an individual has a distorted or blurred vision of near and distant objects. This eye problem is known as a type of eye’s disorder that can make the object’s image blurred and also become one of the most popular reasons why people need a frequent contact with their own eye professionals.

Following are  incredible and money-saving tips to get astigmatism treated efficiently, which can be easily applied at home.

India Gooseberry

  • Add about two teaspoons of its juice to a cup glass of water
  • Consume it every morning
  • Eat two fresh amla daily
  • You can take it amla in various form of jams, candies, powder or pickles, etc.


  • Add about a quarter teaspoons of turmeric to warm milk
  • Consume the mixture two times per day in several months
  • Place some honey in turmeric powder
  • Roll the mixture into small balls
  • Take those balls along with warm cup of milk

Cassia Seeds

  • Grab about a teaspoon of cassia seeds powder
  • Steep it in a glass of hot warm water and leave it on some minutes
  • Strain it and consume the tea up to three times daily


Spinach is widely known as healthy vegetables since it confers numerous health benefits. The food is filled with valuable nutrients and strong antioxidants to help treat astigmatism. Apart from that, it has a rich source of iron, vitamin A, potassium and calcium. Berta-carotene found in spinach helps maintain healthy eyes and clear vision. Just simply, you can steam a glass of raw spinach leaves and consume it two times every day.


The vitamin A and C content in Bilberry that has a substance called anthocyanosides enabling to deal with inflammatory and promote the eye blood vessels. As using this treatment, bilberry can affect your condition because it treats eye fatigue and makes sure that cells damaged in the eyes are repaired. This also ensures that your vision can possess good improvement. Regarding the application, you can eat fresh bilberry or dried ones. The treatment is believed to place positive impacts on restoring the eye condition.

Eye Exercises

Remember that people spending too much time on television or computer without participating in any physical activities tend to cope with increased risk of developing astigmatism. Hence, exercises are extremely needed. You might not believe but eye muscle needs to be trained to help remain good vision. Eye exercises are among good tips to cure astigmatism greatly without carrying out any surgery. When you try to exercise, the symptoms of astigmatism can be reduced. However, it also requires times to perform and your patience. Do not give up if you want to get rid of astigmatism and boost eye vision. Sometimes, it can be frustrating but the results are surely satisfactory.

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