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Natural Remedies for Ear Pain

ear painEar pain can be very uncomfortable. Most are due to ear infection and fluid buildup in the middle ear. Other causes include the common cold, wax in the ear, blockage in the nasal passage, physical damage to the inside of the ear, an increase in air pressure and so on. Ear pain occur more commonly among small children than adults.

A simple ear pain can be taken care of easily at home with natural remedies. It’s likely you’ll have one or more of these readily available in your kitchen.


The analgesic and antibiotic properties of garlic can help reduce ear pain caused by an ear infection.

  • Heat one teaspoon of minced garlic in two tablespoons of sesame oil. Cool and filter the oil. Put 2-3 drops of this garlic oil in the aching ear.
  • Another option is to extract the juice out of a few cloves of garlic and put it into the ear that hurts.

Hot Water Bottle

Putting moist heat around an infected ear can work as a great pain reliever. Simply wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and press it against the aching ear for a few minutes.


Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in treating ear infections. It is also an excellent natural painkiller.

  • Extract juice from fresh ginger and put it directly into the ears to get relief from pain and reduce inflammation.
  • You can also mix one teaspoon of fresh grated ginger root with two tablespoons of sesame oil. Leave it to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes and then put a few drops of the oil in the aching ear.


Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties, basil is considered good for relieving earaches.

  1. Crush a few basil leaves and extract the juice.
  2. Put three or four drops of this juice in the aching ear.
  3. Repeat once or twice a day.


Indian lilac, also known as neem, has potent antibacterial and antifungal properties that help fight infection. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects that help reduce earache.

  • Crush a few neem leaves to extract the juice. Put a few drops in the aching ear as ear drops.
  • Soak a cotton ball in neem oil and squeeze out the excess oil. Put this cotton ball in your ear. Leave it for a few minutes and then discard it.

Repeat either of these remedies once or twice a day until you get relief.

Bishop’s Weed

Bishop’s weed, also known as ajwain is another effective natural cure for earaches as it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

  • Mix one teaspoon of Bishop’s weed oil with three teaspoons of sesame oil and warm it slightly. Put a few drops of the oil mixture in the ear.
  • Heat two teaspoons of mustard oil and add one-half teaspoon of Bishop’s weed and a couple of garlic flakes. Heat the mixture until the garlic turns red. Filter it and put a few drops in your ear as ear drops.

Hair Dryer

Applying moist heat through a hair dryer can be a great way to reduce earache.

After taking a shower or bath, do not towel dry your ears. Instead, use a blow dryer. Keep the dryer setting on warm and hold it slightly away from the ear. Let the warm air dry the moisture in your ear. Do not use the blow dryer for more than five minutes.

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