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Natural Remedies for Itchy Skin

An itchy skin can drive you to distraction. Plus scratching is not always an option! Not only can scratching be socially awkward, it can actually worsen the itching sensation and even injure your skin.  While scratching gives momentary relief, it can also lead to injuries and infections. Many effective home remedies can give you relief from itchy skin and prevent complications caused by excessive scratching.

Coconut Oil

Whether from an insect bite or dry skin, coconut oil promises instant relief.

  • Dab a little coconut oil, at room temperature, on the affected area, massage gently with fingertips and leave it.
  • You do not have to wash away the coconut oil. It will hydrate the skin and ease the itching.
  • Massage lukewarm coconut oil everyday before taking bath to replenish and rehydrate your dry skin.
  • You can even dab a little coconut oil all over your body after your bath, while your skin is still damp, for intensive moisturizing care during winters.


  • Just pluck a handful of Tulsi leaves, wash thoroughly with clean water, and rub them where you feel like scratching.
  • Alternatively, you can steep the cleaned Tulsi leaves in water for about 10 minutes, drain, and use this water to soothe itching.
  • Crush 5 to 6 tulsi leaves and simmer it in a little coconut oil. Use this mixture to soothe your scratchy skin.


  • Apply a little neem oil to the affected area to wipe away itching.
  • You can use a mixture of neem and coconut leaves to moisturize your dry scalp and prevent flaking, itching, and dandruff, if your itching is in the scalp.

Sesame Oil

  • Just apply a little sesame seed oil to the affected region to soothe the redness and flakiness that can be a trigger for itching.
  • Regular application of this golden hued oil will act as a sunscreen while protecting and nourishing your skin.


  • Dab a little freshly squeezed lemon juice on the affected area and allow it to dry out.
  • Repeat this at regular intervals until your itching subsides completely.

Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera can moisturize your skin and soothe it as well. It is perfect for skin rashes, itchy skin, sun burnt skin or even acne-riddled skin.

Baking Soda

  • You should mix baking soda with water and apply the paste on the part of skin that is irritated.


thyme-dried-optThyme contains significant amounts of thymol, which has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thymol can numb the nerve fibers as well as reduce inflammation caused by excessive scratching.

  • Add one tablespoon of dried thyme leaves to two cups of boiling water.
  • Cover it and allow it to cool.
  • Strain the solution.
  • Use a clean cloth to apply the solution directly on the itchy skin.
  • Do this as many times as necessary.   Save any leftover solution in a jar to use later.

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