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Natural remedies for leucoderma / vitiligo

vitiligoHere are some of the natural remedies you can use to treat this seemingly innocent yet life changing disease:

Turmeric And Mustard Oil Paste:

Turmeric is one of the most popular ingredients, which can be used to treat leucoderma. Take 1tsp of turmeric powder and add 2tsp of mustard oil and mix well. Apply on the affected area and leave for 15 minutes before washing off. Apply this paste twice daily to get relief.

Margosa (Neem) Leaves And Honey Juice:

This is yet another amazing home remedy that can do wonders and treat this skin disorder effectively. For this, you need to crush few margosa leaves. Extract the juice. Add 1tsp of honey in 2 tsp of juice and mix well. Drink this concoction. Though it tastes bitter, it helps in providing relief.

Bakuchi Paste:

To prepare this home remedy for leucoderma, you need bakuchi (Psoralea carylifolia) and vinegar. Mix them together and apply this paste on the white patch.

Hindi Name‎: ‎Bakuchi, Bavchi, Babchi
Latin name‎: ‎Psoralea corylifolia (Fabaceae)
English name‎: ‎Psoralea seeds
Tamil‎: ‎Karpokarishi

Ginger Juice:

Take raw ginger and blend with water. Sieve to get the juice. Drink this twice a day to heal leucoderma.

Pepper And Ghee:

This is yet another interesting home remedy that can be used to treat leucoderma. Take 10gm ghee. Add 10 pepper and heat. Remove pepper from ghee. You can use this ghee with your daily food. Regular intake of this ghee can help purify blood and also improve immunity.

Tamarind Seed Paste:

This is a tried and tested remedy that numerous leucoderma sufferers swear by! For this, you need to soak tamarind and psoralea seeds in water for 3-4 days. Then grind them to paste and apply it on the affected area daily.

Pomegranate Powder:

Grind a handful of dry pomegranate leaves. Have about 8 grams of this powder every morning and evening to treat leucoderma.

Water in Copper

Store water in a copper pitcher overnight and drink it the following day. Do this for six months. Symptoms will gradually diminish. This works by stimulating the melanocytes to begin producing melanin.

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