Thursday , February 21 2019


tap waterWater should not be boiled. It should not be filtered. We should not use water packed in bottles. Then how else can we clean the water?

We can drink the water that comes from the water tap as it is. There is no necessity to clean it. Ordinary tap water is the biggest and the best vaccine in the whole world. All those who drink tap water directly will never get any disease from any germ. They will have very high immunity in their body to fight diseases. Their body will be healthy. Therefore, please drink ordinary tap water as it comes.

Many people may ask, “How can we drink tap water directly? Tap water contains many chemicals and an excessive amount of minerals. It is possible that garbage water may be mixing with tap water.” Many people say that they read in the newspapers and see in the television that the water in their town is highly polluted.

All the companies which sell bottled water do such campaign not only in your town but in all the towns in the world that tap water has become highly polluted. They propagate like this because, only if you believe that tap water is polluted, you will stop drinking tap water and buy bottled water and drink it.

Moreover, the drug manufacturing companies have understood that the people all over the world get diseases when they boil the water and filter the water and also when they drink bottled water. So, they spend money and campaign for a bad practice as if they campaign for a good practice. Thus, they plan to keep us always with diseases so that they can sell more medicines and tablets. Actually, nothing will happen if we drink tap water.

In case you have a chemical factory near your house and you feel that the tap water coming to your house is contaminated, for your mental satisfaction you can do a few things. You can try to purify the water in a natural way through one of the methods as mentioned in my posts which will be forthcoming tomorrow.

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