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bathingMany of us have the habit of eating food immediately after taking a bath or a shower. If you eat immediately after taking bath, the food will not be digested properly. We have to eat only after 45 minutes from the time of our finishing the bath. Also, we should take bath only after two and half hours from the time we finish eating food.

All our body parts and cells are at 98.4 degree Fahrenheit temperature (37 degree Centigrade) throughout the 24 hours of every day. If we go to a cold country where temperature is – 10 degrees and measure our temperature with a thermometer even then our body temperature will be 37 degrees only. Similarly, even if we go to a hot country where the temperature is 50 or 60 degrees and measure our temperature with a thermometer even then our body temperature will be 37 degrees only.

What we need to understand from this is that the body temperature for a human being is always 37 degree Centigrade. All the people in all the countries around the world will have this same temperature at all the times. Each and every type of living species such as goat, cow, hen, etc. has such a specific body temperature.

Thus, the temperature of human body is always 37 degrees Centigrade. Even when we are in a cold climate or a hot climate, the organ called Triple Warmer in our body will always try to keep our body temperature uniformly at 37 degrees Centigrade at all times.

When we take bath, irrespective of whether it is normal water or hot water, irrespective of whether we take bath only for our body excluding the head or including the head, irrespective of whether we take bath in a river, pond or in our bath room, our body temperature will undergo a change immediately.

When our body temperature changes, the temperature controlling organ in our body will start working immediately and it will attempt to bring the body temperature to 37 degrees again. When the body is engaged in this activity to restore the body temperature, the digestive organs in the body will not get energy.

On an average, the Triple Warmer in our body works for about 45 minutes after we take bath. During this period, the digestive glands in our body will not function.

Therefore, please do not eat immediately after taking bath. Wait for about 45 minutes after finishing the bath and then eat.

Similarly, we should take bath only after a period of two and half hours after eating food. This is because it takes two and half hours for the food we eat to get digested and enter our blood stream. Some people may have their food digested in one hour. It may take up to five hours for some other people. So, we can safely assume that it takes about two and half hours on an average to digest the food.

Let us assume that we take bath within half an hour after eating the food. Immediately after we take bath, the temperature control organ in our body will start acting to set right the temperature of the body. At that time, all the energy in the body will be spent by the temperature control organ and no energy will be available to the digestive organs for performing their duties.

You can check this for yourself. Take bath immediately after eating food just for one day. You will get digestive problem onthat day. You will feel uncomfortable in your stomach. You will get headache.

Therefore, we should not take bath for a period of two and half hours after eating food. We should wait for a period of 45 minutes after taking bath before we start eating food.

Some people phone up and ask, “I get up from bed only at 8.00 am in the morning. I have to be present in the office by 9.00 am. Under this circumstance, how can I wait for 45 minutes after taking bath?”

It is your fault that you sleep lazily up to 8.00 am. If it is needed, we have to necessarily wake up early. Your body does not know that you have to be in the office by 9.00 am. However big an officer you may be, however rich you may be your body will not know at what time you have to be present in the office.

Our body expects us to follow some guidelines if it has to take care of itself. Please do not violate these guidelines. Please think how we can follow these guidelines by changing our habits instead of giving any lame excuses.

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