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If we watch TV while eating, the food we eat will not be digestedproperly. You may ask, “Only the eyes are watching TV. Let the stomach digest the food.” When we see a thing with our eyes, that scene goes to our mind and our mind starts thinking about that matter. Then, only those glands concerned to that matter secrete, and the glands concerned to digestion do not secrete.

If a person eats his food while watching a drama in the TV with tears in his eyes, his digestive gland will not secrete.

When tear gland secretes, digestive gland will not secrete. In our body, only some specific gland will secrete at a specific time.

So, please do not eat food while watching TV programmes. The serials and news in TV show only violence, cheating, corruption, etc. and thus create in us negative emotions such as anger, tension, fear, etc. When we watch such stories while eating, only the glands pertaining to such negative emotions secrete and digestive glands will not secrete.

When we watch a movie in the TV while eating, we become the hero or heroine of the movie ourselves. At that time, whatever emotions are shown in the scenes, only the glands concerned with those emotions will secrete in our body.

Therefore, do not watch TV serial, movie etc. while eating. Some people keep watching TV news while eating. When we see the news that 50 people were killed in bomb blast, many emotions are created in us

and the food will not be digested if we are watching such gory scenes.

So, while eating, TV projector, home theatre, DVD player, etc. should not be watched. When we watch them, the ugly, gory and sad scenes in them affect our mind and spoil the digestion. We have already seen earlier that we have to keep our attention only on the food while eating. TV is a device which distracts our attention.

Therefore, please do not watch TV while eating.

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