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The reason for all the diseases is just one


So far, we have seen that there are five reasons for all the diseases in the body. Actually the fundamental reason behind these five reasons is only one. We were explaining the five reasons only to enable us to easily understand. But the truth is that there is only one reason. That one reason for all the diseases in the world is: “The blood has gone bad.” The only treatment for all the diseases in the world is to purify the blood. Therefore, henceforth we should stop naming the diseases and conclude that the blood has been affected.

All the treatments that give medicines attempt to set right the blood by rectifying the items in the blood using medicines and tablets. These will give only a temporary solution. Therefore, we should resort to the treatments which give medicines, tablets and injections only for emergency situations.

Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, Acupuncture, Neurotherapy, Mudra, Reiki, pranic healing, Touch Healing, Magneto Therapy and other such medicine-less treatments cleanse our blood in Anatomic a natural way. These treatments do not cleanse the blood directly but do so in an indirect way.

Yoga does not purify the blood directly. But, if we eat food after performing yoga, the food we eat gets converted into good nutrients and it acts as a medicine for the disease. Thus, yoga treats the diseases without any side effects.

Acupuncture does not cure the diseases directly. In Acupuncture treatment, our pulse is checked. Wherever pulse is not proper, that particular body part is identified as not functioning properly. Then, by touching specific points on our body or by piercing those points with needles, stimulation is given to make those body parts function. After taking acupuncture treatment when we come home and eat food, the food becomes good food and it cures our diseases.

Thus, all medicine-less treatments cleanse our blood in a natural way. All medicine-based treatments cleanse our blood in an artificial way.

So, please go for a medicine-based treatment only if it is absolutely needed and urgently required. It is because medicine- based treatments will create side effects even if they cure the diseases temporarily. You can confidently go for a medicine-less treatment because even if the treatment does not cure the disease, there will never be any side effects.

Therefore, all the medical treatments in the world cure our diseases only by cleansing our blood. Each type of treatment adopts a different way to cleanse our blood but the objective of all the treatments is the same. Therefore, blood going bad is the only disease and rectifying the blood is the only treatment.

The best treatment in the world is to keep all the ingredients in the blood as good items and in right quantity. This is the only thing that is in our hands. If we do this properly, all the body parts take these items whenever they need and cure themselves of all diseases and also renew themselves.

To understand this, imagine the following. All the items needed for households such as food items, gold coins, garments, television, washing machines, cell phones, etc. are being carried non-stop through trucks that keep moving on all the streets in our town. Whenever any person living in the town needs any item, he has to just open the door of the house, come out and if he wants any item from any truck, he has to just wave his hand. Then that truck will stop and all the items he needs will be supplied free as much as he wants. If the government implements such a scheme, how nice it will be? If all the things that we think of are given to us free by someone, would we not be healthy, happy and peaceful?

Why do we have a small house? We may not have the money to buy a bigger house. Why do we have a small cell phone? We may not have the money to buy a better one. If we had more money, we would have bought a better cell phone. Why do some people use old, damaged vehicles? If they had liberal availability of funds, they would have got a new, bigger, better vehicle. So, if someone keeps on giving us all the items that we need freely whenever we want, then we will definitely be healthy, peaceful and happy.

We may not like it when someone gives us an advice. But, we always like it when someone gifts us something. It is because we always want to live well. We know which items, if available in what quantity, will make us happy. The problem is that those items are not available to us.

Similarly, all the cells in all our body parts know how to keep themselves healthy and how to cure themselves from all diseases. All they need is that whatever items they need should be available in the blood in right quality and in proper quantity whenever they need.

Therefore, if we keep all the items in the blood as good items and in right quantity, all the body parts will cure themselves and will be healthy. There is no separate treatment for each individual body part and also there is no separate treatment for each disease.

We will be happy if all the items are given free to us whenever we need them. Similarly, it is our job to give to the cells all the items needed by them whenever they need. Curing the diseases is the job of the cells.

Out of the five factors discussed, it is not possible to give intelligence to the body directly. It is also not possible to set right the mind directly. The quantity of blood also cannot be directly set right by us. But it is in our hands to keep all the items in the blood as good items and in proper quantity. Therefore, we need to set right only two of these five factors.

If we set right these two things, our body will do the other three, namely new blood formation, setting right the mind and setting right the intelligence of the body, by itself. Thus, we understand clearly that the treatment for all the diseases in the world is to keep all ingredients in the blood in proper quality and required quantity.

Now, we will learn the secret of how to keep all the items in the blood in good quality and in required quantity. By learning and following this technique, we can cure all the diseases and live happily.

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