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Pain in anus – causes and remedies

anus pain80% of the population go through anus tear problem once in their life time.  This is called Anal Fissure.  Please  note this is curable and is not a cause of concern.

Your stools if it is going hard, you are bound to go through this tear.  You have to put an effort to make your stool go smooth.  How can this be done ?

You should eat lot of fibre fruits which will enable you to pass soft stools.  Eat lot of Fruits like papaya, oranges, apple, banana, mangoes and increase water intake.  Every time you pass urine during the day, drink as much quantity you passed.  In hot cup of milk drop one spoon of ghee, stir it well and drink it.  The milk should be hot enough to ensure the ghee gets diluted immediately when you pour it.

People who face this problem are the ones who eat lots of maida wala food items.  Avoid maida.

Keep applying coconut oil 2-3 times a day in the affected area.

Take two buckets and fill one half bucket with hot water and the other one same quantity with cold water.  Take two plain cloth.  Use one cloth, dip it in hot water, squeeze the water and place the cloth in the anus area till the time the heat subsides.   Once the heat subsides, repeat this process 3 times.  The fourth time, do it with cold water with the help of other plain cloth.

Apply Aloe Vera gel in the affected area after this and you will get relief very soon.

For the next 20 days, don’t have any kind of junk food like Pizza, Burger, Puff, Cake, Bakery products, etc.  Also avoid soft foods like Chips, Churmur.  Also avoid Chillis and spicy food for the next 20 days.

Remember one thing.  Once you pass stools and after the wash, you should not leave the affected area watery.  Take a cloth and rub the area and keep the area dry all the time.  This can be done by using soft tissue paper also.  Use baby Johnson powder if necessary to keep it dry.

Eat plenty of boiled vegetables (not raw vegetables).

Apart from all the above, do some light exercises like yoga, mild walk, etc.  No jogging and no heavy exercises.  Avoid going to gym if you are going.  Avoid stressful jobs.  Take some rest these 20 days when you are undergoing this treatment.

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