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Pregnancy Care home remedies

pregnant womenGiving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.

This meaningful quote by Harriette Hartigan eloquently summarizes the beauty of being pregnant. Pregnancy brings a new meaning to your life and the feeling of carrying a little soul within you is magnificent.

During pregnancy, your every decision will impact your physical and emotional well-being as well as the baby growing inside you.

This is the time when you need to take care of yourself, and you need the support of your partner and other close friends and relatives.

More importantly, you need the guidance of an experienced doctor. Choose a doctor who will be able to assist you, guide you and help build your confidence for pregnancy and childbirth.

Also, read books, attend pregnancy classes and watch videos about pregnancy and childbirth. There are many things that can help you enjoy a problem-free pregnancy and enter motherhood with new confidence.

Manage Stress

Feeling stressed during pregnancy is normal, but you need to keep your stress level under control.

Due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, there is an increase in cortisol levels. These stress hormones can impact the health of the unborn baby.

Chronic or extreme maternal stress causes low blood flow to the baby, making it difficult for important nutrients to reach the baby’s developing organs. Plus, stress can make expecting mothers overwhelmed and fatigued, which in turn impacts sleep.

Constant or sudden stress can cause premature labor due to the release of contraction-triggering hormones.

A 2015 study by the Society for Research in Child Development reports that stress during pregnancy is related to a child’s motor development, as well as mental and cognitive outcomes in middle childhood and into adolescence.

Earlier, a 2012 study published in Current Opinion in Psychiatry reported that chronic strain, exposure to racism and depressive symptoms in mothers during pregnancy are associated with lower birth weight infants with consequences for infant development.

To manage stress, build your support system and talk about your fears and problems with your partner, friends, family members and even your doctor. Learn and practice meditation, such as slow, deep breathing to manage stress.

Good Food

  • Badam, Pista, Walnut, Raisins, cashews – Early in the morning when you wake up and after you complete your morning routine, eat 2 badams, 1 pista, 2 walnuts, 2 raisins and 2 cashews before you drink coffee or tea.
  • Have one boiled egg if you like it.  Else no compulsion.  Don’t take more than 4 eggs in a week.
  • Strawberry – Buy some straw berries and stock it at home.  Do variety of things with this straw berry and eat.
  •  Milk, Cheese, Curd, Soyamilk  – This should be part of your daily diet.
  • Orange, Avocado, Banana, Pomegranate – Always fruits must be eaten before your meal.  Do not eat after your food intake.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables – Beans, Broccoli, spinach kind – add as much as you can in your daily diet.

How to stop vomiting during pregnancy ?

  • Vomiting during pregnancy is normal.  One should not panic about it.  However, if it is too many times during the day, then there are some remedies for the same.
  • It’s human’s tendency that if a pregnant woman is advised to eat fruits, food that she doesn’t like but if it is going to help the child in the womb grow, the would-be mother thinks, she can sacrifice for the sake of the child which is about to come out to this world.
  • The problem begins there.  If you eat for your child’s sake, even if you don’t like the eatable, then your body doesn’t accept the same.  The body’s intelligence is far superior than your mind and it just throws out which you don’t like.
  • It is therefore advisable not to have such an item which you don’t like.
  • Eat food what you like and stay with that.
  • There is no need to eat or dump food inside for the sake of the child.
  • The usual food that you like and eat is good enough to make the baby grow well within the womb.
  • Drink plenty of water mixed with lemon during the day.  Water mixed with Fennel Seeds (jeera) also will help a lot in preventing pregnant women from vomiting.
  • Ginger slices – you can have it raw or grind it to paste and mix it with honey and eat whenever vomiting sensation is there.

How to increase Folic Acid for pregnant women ?

  • Banana – Eat two banana’s a day.  One in the morning before breakfast and one before dinner.  Generally people have bananas’ after food.  That’s wrong.  Eat before lunch and dinner and it will do a lot good to increase folic acid.
  • Badam, Pista, Dates, Almonds – Have 2 each in the morning.
  • Brocilli vegetable is very good.  Have it atleast twice a week with your normal diet.
  • Cabbage – Use as much and as many times in a week as you can.
  • Spinach / Palak – Have it once a week.
  • Citrus fruits like Oranges and Lemon can be consumed.
  • Ladies Finger – Have it once a week
  • Beet Root – Have it once a week.
  • Carrot – Eat one raw carrot a day. Chew it well and eat


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