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Psoriasis, its cause and remedies.

psoriasisPsoriasis is one of the most common of all skin diseases, and is also very difficult to cure. Both men and women are equally affected by this condition.  Psoriasis usually appears between 15 to 30 years of age and will remain for a lifetime.  Both genetics and the immune system play a major role in the development of this disease. It advances due to skin injuries, certain medication (that trigger the disease) and stress.

It can occur on any part of the body, however the most commonly affected areas are the knees, scalp, elbows, knuckles, legs, calf muscles, lower back and sacral areas. In very few cases, people are diagnosed with nail psoriasis. They may be breaking, pitting, thickening of the nail or thickening under the nail. Scalp psoriasis is also common among people these days and around 20 % of people with psoriasis suffer from psoriatic arthritis, which is painful.

Following are few tips to take care of this Psoriasis and if followed 100% without any flaw, chances of getting natural skin are guaranteed.  Taking care of yourself is in your hands.  The more disciplined you are, the more are the chances of curing the disease.


Some patients claim that stress makes their psoriasis symptom be more seriously. It makes them itchy and painful when they have psoriasis plaques or be difficult to move if they have psoriatic arthritis. Yoga is a famous method for reducing stress. Spend 20 minutes every day to do a yoga exercise such as stretching, breathing, or strengthening movements. You can take a basic class about yoga, health & fitness at some fitness centers and then do it yourself at home in order to feel more comfortable.

Turmeric Powder

Psoriasis is a disease caused by infection with symptoms such as pain, silvery & thick scales, and itchy & red patches on the surface of skin. With such symptoms, curcumin in turmeric powder has antibacterial agents that can help relieve them. In addition, curcumin can heal the damaged skin, prevent infection, and heal your wounds quickly.

  • Mix turmeric powder and water to get a sticky mixture and use directly on the affected skin. You should practice this method every night before going to bed, and you will rinse off your skin in the next morning. This takes care of the external part of the skin.
  • You can also use turmeric powder directly by using it as a spice every day. Turmeric is also needed for fried vegetables,  tomato, and more to make more attractive meals while treating psoriasis.
  • You also drink the mixture of turmeric with a glass of warm milk or honey for instead.

Coconut Oil

Because coconut oil has many antibacterial and antifungal agents, especially contains large amounts of enzymes and nutrients that are very good and safe for skin. Many people have used coconut oil as one of the simple home remedies for psoriasis. After a period of using coconut oil, it was very surprised thatcoconut oil not only helps inhibit the spread of psoriasis but also improve its symptoms.

First, you take a bath with warm water clearly to make the skin become soft and absorb the nutrients from coconut oil more easily. Next, you apply coconut oil on the affected areas where having psoriasis and wait for 15-30 minutes so that coconut oil can be permeable through the skin. After a period of time using coconut oil, you will see the affected skin areas have a significant improvement.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis because it can balance the body’s pH level.

  • Option 1: To use on the skin’s surface.

You mix apple cider vinegar with water at the ratio of 1: 1 then you soak a cotton gauze pad or clean cloth to the mixture and rub gently on the affected area. After 30 minutes, you can wash your skin thoroughly with fresh water. You should do this way at least twice a day.

With this method, the antimicrobial agents of apple cider vinegar will help to remove harmful factors and restore the pH balance of your skin.

Note: You should try on a small skin area to check for allergic level before using at the first time.

  • Option 2: To drink.

You mix apple cider vinegar with water at the ratio of 2:10.  Next, you add a spoon of honey to improve the taste of the mixture. You should drink this mixture regularly to get the best results.

Note: Do not drink water with too much concentration of apple cider vinegar because the acid in apple cider vinegar can harm your skin as well as tooth enamel.

Banana Peel

Banana peel is one of the important components to cure skin diseases including psoriasis. This can be one of the easy home remedies for psoriasis. You just use a banana peel and rub the surface of the peel to your affected skin areas. It will help to reduce the itch as well as remove the rashes.

Taking A Bath

You can apply this method at home easily. With this way, you can reduce scales, plaques and itch on your body.

  • Firstly, you fill your bath tank with warm water. You can add olive oil, a cup of milk, oatmeal powder or Epsom salt.
  • Next, you should soak yourself in the mixture for about 20 minutes every day.

In order to have the best result, after taking a bath, you should moisturize yourself immediately.

There is another way you can refer:

  • You put oatmeal into a muslin cloth and wrap
  • Then, you put it into a half of hot water on the bath tank
  • You should add more cool water to have the comfortable water temperature and soak yourself for 10 minutes.
  • While soaking, you can use oatmeal bag and rub gently on your body
  • The oatmeal bag is only used once a week.

You should practice this solution regularly to see the best result.


Garlic is one of wonderful home remedies for psoriasis because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It suppresses the activity of lipoxygenase – an enzyme that leads to the inflammation linked to psoriasis.

  • You make a mixture by mixing aloe vera oil with garlic oil at the ratio of 1: 1.
  • Then you apply it on the affected skin areas.
  • Keep waiting for about 15 minutes and wash it off.
  • You should practice it every day until the affected skin areas are improved.

Besides, eating garlic can also protect you from psoriasis outbreaks because of its blood purifying property and active compounds. You may eat two garlic cloves every day. You should crush it before eating to get best results.

Cabbage Leaves


  • Cabbage leaves have the ability to eliminate inflammation as well as control itching and pain.
  • In order to use cabbage leaves for psoriasis treating, you clean cabbage leaves thoroughly.
  • Then you take a rolling pin to flat them and take the thick veins out the leaves so that you can feel more comfortable when apply them on your skin.
  • Next, you put cabbage leaves on a low flame to make them be soft.
  • Finally, you leave those leaves on the affected skin areas.
  • You should overlap the leaves so that your affected areas can be covered

You put the leaves on your skin with gauze and take them off until they become dry then replace with other fresh leaves. You should continue until the affected skin starts clearing away and you feel better. This is one of the best and simple home remedies for psoriasis.

Bitter Gourd


bitter-gourdIn order to cure psoriasis with bitter gourd, you can follow the following way:

  • You mix a teaspoon of lime juice and bitter gourd juice together.
  • You apply this juice mixture every morning to eliminate all your skin problems forever.
  • You should continue practicing the treatment for several months until you see definite results. When you see the result as you want, you will surely feel relaxed and better.

Colorful Veggies & Fruits


One of the easiest home remedies for psoriasis is to eat many fresh vegetables and fruits. You make sure you have a full of colorful veggies & fruits when planning meals and you won’t miss any essential nutrient. Veggies and colorful fruits are rich in fiber and have disease-fighting antioxidants. It makes you less likely to overeat and feel fuller. When you are in psoriasis, you need to keep a healthy weight in order that any medication can be more effective.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known as one of the important home remedies for psoriasis. It can inhibit psoriasis symptoms to a large extent.

  • Firstly, you take some drops of castor oil and practice directly on the skin area where having psoriasis
  • Then you should keep it overnight
  • This oil can alleviate psoriasis symptoms quickly
  • You have to make sure that you do not practice it on your cracked skin.

You should repeat this way regularly to help your skin to get relief from the irritation and itching.


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