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Why does the quantity of an item in the blood reduce ?


The first disease is the reduction in the quality of items in the blood. Once we get this disease, this has to be cured in the natural way. The doctors who do not know how to cure this disease in a natural way sell medicines and tablets in the name of controlling it throughout our lives. Controlling a disease is different from curing it. Only those doctors who do not know how to cure a disease will control it. There is no need to control any disease. It is very easy to cure any disease.

Assume that you are the owner of a company. One fine day you need to go abroad urgently. When you are away, there are some problems in the company. Your manager calls you over phone and explains the problem in detail. The problem can be solved only if you are physically present in your office. But it will take at least four days for you to return. What will you do under these circumstances?

You will tell the manager, “It will take four days for me to return. The problem can be sorted out only when I come back. I will tell you how to manage the situation in the meantime.” The manager will be managing the issue for the next four days. You will return after four days and sort out the problem.

We understand from this example that managing a problem is temporary and solving the problem is permanent.

Managing a disease or controlling it is temporary. Curing the disease is permanent. It is a universal fact that controlling a disease will make it bigger. So, whoever keeps on taking medicines, tablets and treatment for many years saying that the diseases such as diabetes, BP, Asthma, Thyroid, Cancer, AIDS, etc. can only be controlled, your diseases will become bigger and bigger.

The first level disease is the degradation of an item in the blood. By controlling it, we are pushed to the second level of the disease. The second level is that the quantity of an item is less in the blood or the item is absent in the blood.

The quality of sugar going down is the first level disease. If sugar is not there in the blood it is the second level disease. If quality of calcium reduces you will become obese. This is a smaller disease. But, if the quantity of calcium in the blood reduces or calcium is totally absent in the blood, then it is second level disease. Then, the calcium from the bones comes to the blood. Then, the bones will break or rot. This is a very big disease.

Thus, if the quality of an item in the blood is bad, then it is the first level, smaller disease. If the quantity of an item in the blood is less or if the item is totally absent, then it is the second level, bigger disease. When the quality of an item in the blood goes bad, if we set it right in the natural way, then we need not be pushed to the second level namely the quantity of the item reducing or the item being absent in the blood.

For all those who keep consuming medicines and tablets for many years in the name of controlling the disease when an item in their blood goes bad in quality, their diseases will be enlarged. After some time, they will be pushed to the second level, wherein there is no calcium, no iron, no sodium, etc. in their blood. Then they will be required to consume medicines and tablets for this disease also.

So, if the quantity of an item is less in the blood or if an item is absent in the blood, we have to consider it as the second level disease. We are going to learn how to set right this condition by completely reading all my articles being posted.


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