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Reason for all the diseases in Eye


We have seen how a hole in the heart happens and how to plug it. Please do not think that we are going to see each every part of the body in the way. If you think so, then you will be disappointed. The reason is that, if you have understood this matter, the same applies to all the parts of our body. The disease is not in the particular part of the body. The disease is only in the blood. Moreover, the five that we mentioned above are the only diseases. This applies not only to the heart but also to all the parts of the body.

Short sightedness (Myopia) and long sightedness (Hypermetropia) are not diseases related to the eye at all. Many of us wear spectacles. Does the power of our spectacles keep on increasing or decreasing as the days go by ? Surely it keeps on increasing. What do we understand from this ? If the power of the spectacles keeps increasing, the it means that the power of our eyes keeps on decreasing.

Should we wear spectacles for the eyes which are partially bad so that they become fully bad ? What is this absurd treatment ? If we get a disease in the eye, do we need a doctor to cure it or to amplify it ? Our body knows very well how to correct short sight and long sight. Then why is it not able to do it ? Some items needed for doing it have gone bad in the blood. This is the first reason.

Second reason is that some items needed to cure eye-related diseases are not available in the blood. Thirdly, the quantity of blood is less. Fourthly, our mind is thinking that the eye has gone bad and that it cannot be cured. Fifthly, the body’s intelligence to cure the eye has gone bad.

The reason for several diseases affecting the eye such as Myopia, Hypermetropia, glaucoma, cataract, etc. is not in the eye. The disease is actually in the blood. We can cure all the diseases affecting our eye without any medicine, tablet or operation and without wearing spectacles.

First of all, what we have to understand is that the eye is not responsible for all the diseases coming in the eye. The disease lies in the blood. Specifically, the five things mentioned above are the reasons. By correcting these five things, we can cure our diseases by ourselves.

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